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Dave. Husband, father, web developer and music pastor who loves to play piano, guitar, flute and harmonica. I have been on keto for 4 years and have a keen interest in mental and emotional well being. And of course, shaving. I started my wet shaving journey late in life with the help of B&B. Now, while I have my go-to brush, blade and soap, I have discovered there is no soap I cannot get a half decent shave with. I recently discovered (gasp!) Williams and feel it gives me an amazing shave every time.
I also make soap and am partially responsible for debates about bentonite clay. I was a vendor here for a while. I sold my wife's soap, based on olive oil and bentonite clay from a recipe on about.com attributed to David Fischer, which circulates to this day (https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/shaving-soap-recipe-517138). Those soaps were slick but did not perform well. Then I got molds made and started filling them with SFIC's melt and pour base ( http://www.sficcorp.com/ same as Mama Bear, Ogallala and others), combined with nice essential oils and of course, bentonite clay. Until a senior member of B&B informed me that my soaps smelled nice but were "barely adequate" in the performance department. His advice was honest, but gruff and I forgave him because it came on the eve of Sue Moore's passing and everyone was a little raw.
Anyway, his comments started me on a quest to formulate a tallow based soap with performance second to none. (Performance is important to me because I'm very sensitive and cannot use scents, so I want other sensory aspects of the shave to be as enjoyable as possible.)
I have test pucks to last me literally a lifetime, and probably the lifetimes of my sons too! I say that not to sell soap, as I am no longer a vendor here, but to give you a heads-up that you will likely see my investigative nature and curiosity about soap making surface in the posts I make!
As for bentonite, I no longer get involved in discussions about it, other than to say that the effectiveness of any ingredient is dependent upon how it is combined with others. I no longer use it myself :)
Caledon (near Toronto), Ontario, Canada
Web Developer, Music Pastor





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