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    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Enjoy them, my man! You cleaned them up really nicely.
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    FS Rex Ambassador

    Hi, I'm selling my lightly used Rex Ambassador in basically new condition, code O3. Includes box. Asking $187 G&S shipped CONUS, international pays actual shipping costs. Any questions, just ask; thanks!
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    FS Several razors

    PAA Ascension SOLD Super Speed SOLD Razorock Old Type SOLD
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    FS Wolfman, Gillette, Blades

    I've never, ever seen a Wolfman priced that low. Someone needs to jump on this.
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    FS H&S P076 (316 SS) Lightly Polished

    Beautiful razor
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    Some razors for sale

    Very good price for a cased Red Ring. I paid more for mine without a case! Good luck!
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    FS Several razors

    PAA copper Ascension SOLD Super Speed w/ case SOLD
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    FS Several razors

    It appears to be pre-date code, since I can't find one anywhere on the head.
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    FS Several razors

    Thank you!
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    FS Several razors

    Thanks Dan, appreciate it!
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    FS Several razors

    The rest of the pictures
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    FS Several razors

    Hi folks! Cleaning out some of the razors I don't use much. Prices are PayPal G&S and include shipping. CONUS only. Any questions, just ask. Thanks for looking! Ikon B1 OSS + X3 slant head, $83 Gillette 1910 ABC Pocket edition w/ case, $103 Merkur 37C slant, $31 Gillette Heritage, $36...
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    FS Clear out( above the tie Georgetown pottery Jerry stark and more)

    The ATT Windsor is an incredible razor.
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    My lathering technique with Italian soft soaps

    I've actually started doing that occasionally as well, rather than trying to load the brush up with all the soap for the shave right at the start. If you're trying to save or stretch out a soap, it's a great way to go.
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