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  1. Benoni

    In your opinion what's the best inexpensive shave soap?

    Haslinger, bar none!
  2. Benoni

    Why synthetic?

    In my experience they outperform badger/boars by a significant margin, even the high end badgers I had. I also appreciate the fact that the materials are not sourced from animals.
  3. Benoni

    Tatara razor configuration question

    I use a full Nodachi most of the time and it gives me very (!) close shaves, I have to wait for at least 36 hours in order to get a nice shave again. I'm thinking about ordering a Masamune top cap OR base plate to tone it down a bit so I can shave daily, not sure if I want less exposure with the...
  4. Benoni

    Any soaps you won't buy again?

    SV & LPL
  5. Benoni

    Review : TATARA - Masamune - Closed Comb

    I've been using the Nodachi (masamune handle) for a couple of weeks now, fantastic razor! Only 'problem' I have is that the shaves are so close, it takes 36+ hours before I can have a great shave again.. While I could shave every other day, I enjoy my daily shave too much. I was wondering...
  6. Benoni

    Favourite Shaving Combo

    Tatara Nodachi Gillette Platinum Yaqi Sagrada Familia MdC Vetiver Myrsol Agua Balsamica Nivea Sensitive balm
  7. Benoni

    Sensible or cheap bastard?

    That's why I prefer synthetic brushes, they seem to release the lather more easily.. I do you use the leftover lather to wash my face and it's often high quality stuff!
  8. Benoni

    Dry skin

    Are you using anything to treat your dry skin? I have slightly dry/sensitive skin myself and find that exfoliation combined with a good moisturizer/hyaluronic acid is a very effective treatment. I only use MdC soaps, they leave the skin neutral which I much prefer over 'fatty' soaps.. (I think...
  9. Benoni

    Differences between Martin de Candre soaps

    I've been rotating 4 soaps from Martin de Candre over the past months and found that there are slight differences in performance. I wanted to make sure that my findings are not the result of other gear or methods. Before continuing, I want to stress that all 4 soaps perform wonderfully and...
  10. Benoni

    Yaqi brushes: a "candy store" for wet shavers.

    As already mentioned by posters above, it was indeed bought during the 11.11 sale.
  11. Benoni

    Feather blades, love or hate?

    Disliked Feathers until I tried them in my Nodachi!