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  1. ben74

    Who got a "Goose?

    I'm eagerly awaiting my batch 1 'goose to land in Australia!
  2. ben74

    Going firm

    The individual Plisson HMW hairs are thick and strong, similar to Simpson Manchurian. However the knot construction is very different. Plisson are high lofted and not dense. As a result the knot is more yielding and will splay under pressure. The result is a brush that provides feedback against...
  3. ben74

    M7, Rover and Hive.

    Thank-you Ricardo!
  4. ben74

    M7, Rover and Hive.

    Wow! I'd be delighted too. Those specs are more akin to my PJ3, but my M7 does have my name on it! :001_tt2:
  5. ben74

    M7, Rover and Hive.

    Thank-you Marco! If I could only have one brush it would be a Duke 3...
  6. ben74

    The King Cobra Classic

    I always complete 2 passes. 1 x WTG and 1 x ATG. I get 4 very comfortable and close shaves from a Kai Mild blade, then it drops off, so I always discard regardless after my 4th shave. With the Feather Pro I get to shave number 6 before it deteriorates, but I find the 1st shave with the...
  7. ben74

    The King Cobra Classic

    I use the Kai Mild blades. I find them smoother and as effective as the Feather Pro. The Feather does last longer though. As for the razor itself, I haven't touched another razor since taking delivery of mine - its simply that good!
  8. ben74

    Your top 3 aftershaves

    Myrsol Agua Balsamica Krampert's Finest Bay Rum Fine Italian Citrus
  9. ben74

    October 2014 Acquisitions.

    Some RR products: TB splash Freedberg splash ZoS splash XXX splash XX splash One X splash ZoS soap MF soap P160 TB soap Freedberg soap XXX soap XX soap One X soap And some WSO soaps.
  10. ben74

    l kon Shavecraft 101

    Not as mild as the iKon OSS or the Feather D1 and D2, but more effective and more modest investment too. It's not aggressive, but comfortable and carefree...
  11. ben74

    M7, Rover and Hive.

    Thanks Sam! * * * I also have 3 Rovers...
  12. ben74

    M7, Rover and Hive.

    I like the Duke 3 Manchurian so much I have 4...
  13. ben74

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Fine Italian Citrus
  14. ben74

    What's your soap for today?

    RR SoZ
  15. ben74

    M7, Rover and Hive.

    I tend to prefer shorter handles overall. The Duke 3, Chubby 2 & 3, Rover and Classic 1 are some of my preferred handles, especially for face lathering. The squat shape seems to promote a more confident grip and I can really "go to town" with them. The density difference is NOT like comparing a...