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  1. Beerhunter

    Old straight what should I do with it

    Yes you are correct, that friend was a typo.
  2. Beerhunter

    Old straight what should I do with it

    Gents, For a while now, I have wanted to get a straight razor but was somewhat reluctant. So today a buddy at work brought in in for me he knows I shave with a de and I have talked about using a straight. It be longed to his grand dad who was a barber for 50 years and retired in the 1970's...
  3. Beerhunter

    1st DE Shave in Indy

    I have yet to try reds.
  4. Beerhunter

    1st DE Shave in Indy

    Wow a fellow Hoosier awesome. Welcome to the club and glad you enjoyed the shave.
  5. Beerhunter

    Gillette Senator Replate

    oh my goodness I can't believe the work done on this razor it looks absolutely fantastic. I have heard of Mr. Kruiser's work but until now really haven't seen any of it only by word of mouth. Sir you are a genius that mere words cannot describe.
  6. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    looks very nice and you both look very happy. And starting at 200. I can beath a bit easier. I have been doing my research on suits materials styles what's in what out. Glue that holds the lapels together( ***=what the funk). I may be over thinking all of this but it is interesting. Now if I...
  7. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    Well thank you gents I certainly have a lot to think over. The car will be paid off soon might put off my new wardrobe until then. 200 bucks for a cheap suit? Plus alterations? Alterations although I do like the idea nothing worse than seeing a guy in a crappy suit there is a difference in a guy...
  8. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    Hey fashion guys I need some manly fashion tips, I am turning 50. I want to look my age with ought looking old. Needing tips for both casual and dressy. I am just a reg joe so no business attire is necessary. I am 6' and 217 With broad shoulders any hints where I can shop on a budget or get...
  9. Beerhunter

    Cartridge Price Hikes and Rebellion in The Economist

    Funny you guys should bring this up. At work today the girl I was working next to brought up the fact that her hubby was griping about the cost of modern shaving. Before she was done I had already had for her b&b info along with a few other sites and where to go on YouTube for helpful videos.
  10. Beerhunter

    Haberdashery Acquisitions

    Thank you gents on your opinions with over 3000 posts between you both I a grateful for your input. Btw boro62 the Goorin Brothers breaking bad pork pie hits the streets tonight.
  11. Beerhunter

    Haberdashery Acquisitions

    My bro in law (looks like a 6' 300lb Lou Costello) is gifting me his pork pie hat sis didn't like it on him. I am aware of of the hat being on breaking bad(btw I have not seen). I am not one to wear items that are a fad anybody remember parachute pants? Should I give the hat away via goodwill...
  12. Beerhunter

    Are Merkur Blades Really That Bad?

    Skip them. If it would make you happy try a sample pack. But trust most of us there are better out there. Enjoy.
  13. Beerhunter

    What are you drinking tonight?

    @tim: " Bombay Saphire I keep that for martini making" Smart man my exact thoughts also.
  14. Beerhunter

    What are you listening to?

    Sonny Rollins cool strutting:)
  15. Beerhunter

    A little help with a possible Tradere purchase

    Which weber comes out ahead arc vs dlc any drawbacks between them both
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