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Recent content by beepee1972

  1. beepee1972

    Which injector razors can insert a B-20 directly without using an injector?

    As others have said, the E2 takes Proline B blades without the need of an injector. Also, you can reuse an old injector and insert new blades in it, which is what I do with my other type of Schick razors (I2, J1).
  2. beepee1972

    Eversharp Schick Injector

    With a type G, I or J, you will be very pleased. I have an E type as well, they shave a bit rougher. Pair it with a Schick blade, and big chance you will never look back. Have fun using your Schick injector! I wish they would still make them, but luckily they are pretty easy to get hold of.
  3. beepee1972

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Lovely refreshing shave today, one of my Schick razors, Proline B blade, Omega boar and Stirling Gin & tonic soap and AS.
  4. beepee1972

    Help Replacing Merkur HD (34c)

    The 37c as mentioned above would be a good next one. Or a Schick injector, which is the route I took….
  5. beepee1972

    THE Injector Razor Thread

    Schick / Eversharp rules ;-) Try to find an E, I or J type (photo from left to right), can't really go wrong with any. The adjustable (type M) may also be a good option. And I personally like the Schick blades (original, super chromium or Proline B) a lot better than the Personna blades, which...
  6. beepee1972

    Somewhat more aggressive than a Merkur 34C?

    I have had the 34c, as well as other DE razors and blades. Still have 2 of those. But I almost always exclusively use a Schick injector razor these days, or the RR Black Hawk v2. Very comfortabel and efficient. Try to get a hold of a Schick E, I or J razor with original Schick blades, or the...
  7. beepee1972

    Feather AC Pro vs Schick Proline, which is sharper?

    In my RR Hawk v2, I prefer either Kai captain Titan mild pink or Proline P blades. Then, at a distance, come the Feather pro blades. And way behind that - in my case, I gave them away - the Feather Pro Super blades. Unusable for my liking! In my Schick injector razors, I prefer the Schick...
  8. beepee1972

    BEST way to add water?

    I soak my brush in a bowl of lukewarm water. Before loading the brush, I squeeze it a bit, then load. Then apply to my face and during the face lathering, I add small amounts of water from my left hand (I am right handed), which I hold under the tap. I let some drops roll directly into the brush...
  9. beepee1972

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Lovely shave today with the Stirling Gin & Tonic on the rocks soap and splash, which was delivered to me yesterday. Lovely fresh soap with a nice oompf in this warmer weather. Razor: Schick J1 Blade: Personna injector (1) Brush: Omega 10049 (love it!) Soap and splash: Stirling Gin & Tonic on...
  10. beepee1972

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Kai Captain Titan mild pink after 11x (in RR Hawk)
  11. beepee1972

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    First time today with my recently acquired Schick E2, combined with a Personna blade. I don't think this blades is as smooth as the original Schick, time will tell. This cream never gets boring, I really like it!
  12. beepee1972

    What Are You Reading?

  13. beepee1972

    Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

    I am getting the hang of it. Only discovered them recently, after using DE razors for a little over a year now. They certainly are my favourite choice. Wating for some additional blades from Personna and Schick Prolines. Great stuff! Schicks E2, I2 and J1.
  14. beepee1972

    Looking to upgrade from my Edwin Jagger DE 89

    From my own experience: Merkur 37c, Razorock Sloc. Or more recently: Schick or Eversharp injector! I have a type I Hydro-magic
  15. beepee1972

    AC Blade Differences on Modern SE Razors

    I have a Hawk v2, and some Schick Prolines coming in, but not used uet. I did use a Feather Pro, which gave a comfortable shave, but not with a long lasting result. I also tried the combi with a Feather Pro Super blade, but that was an uncomfortable shave from the start, and not a blade I will...
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