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    RazoRock Italian Triple milled soaps Black/Gold/Green/Blue Label

    I am not sure what it is, but it seems to be common in all 3 of the RR Label soaps I have tried. I will now have to go back to my other tallow sticks. Its a shame as I thought the RR Label series of soap performed very well for a great price. If I hadn't had any reaction these RR label sticks...
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    RazoRock Italian Triple milled soaps Black/Gold/Green/Blue Label

    Anyone had any problems with any skin reactions/burning with these soaps? I have these soaps in the stick format. After Shaving my cheeks feel warm and went slightly red after using the Razorock sticks. This warm feeling and red look lasts for about 6 hours after shaving. I thought after my...
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    New Razorock Soap Sticks

    My cheeks felt warm and went slightly red and warm after using the Razorock sticks. I have used the Gold, Black and Green so far and they all have the same effect. It is a shame as they perform very well and I enjoy the mild scents. Did just the Gold stick cause you issues? I normally used...
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    RazoRock Italian Triple milled soaps Black/Gold/Green/Blue Label

    I picked up the stick set this week, as I prefer using sticks and having a face lather. I mainly use arko or a tabac/mwf blend I have put in a deodorant twist container. So far I have used the green and gold. Both have pleasant mild aromas that do disappear quickly after the shave. However the...
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    BIC Chrome Platinum - Amazing Blades

    That's the impression I got about the bic platinum chrome blades before I tried them. Half the people can't praise them enough. Then the other half seem to hate them with a real passion. It even made me wonder If half the bic platinum chrome blades out there are fakes, and the other half are...
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    BIC Chrome Platinum - Amazing Blades

    Had 6 great shaves on my 1st Bic platinum chrome and no signs of tugging/dropping off yet. Normally I would feel a slight drop off from shave 5 or 6 on a nacet and change it at after the 7th shave. I am so impressed I have ordered 100 Bic platinum chrome blades. Bic Australia sell them direct...
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    Your favorite open comb razor

    My favourite open comb is the Game Changer JAWS 84. I also like the GC OC 84 for the 1st couple of shaves with a new blade. The OC 84 is slightly milder than the JAWS 84. My favourite open comb and hybrid comb razors. 1. JAWS 84 2. GC OC 84 3. R41 4. Fatip open comb slant. 5. German 37
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    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Bic platinum chrome (5)
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    List all the exes and reason(s) of divorce.

    I have loved and lost a few in the last few years. As like most people we go for looks first, and then we find that looks are not everything. Here are my losses and reasons. 1. Merkur 34c - a bit too mild, poor blade alignment, handle a touch short. 2. Merkur 37c later version - Same reasons...
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    BIC Chrome Platinum - Amazing Blades

    I have had several tucks of bic platinum chrome blades for 6 month. On Monday I decided to try them and was very impressed. I normally use Gillette nacet blades in my GC OC and Jaws .84. I normally use the GC OC base plate on the first 2 shaves and then move onto the JAWS base plate for the...
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    Is there much difference between the Game Changer .84 OC and Jaws plate?

    After getting the 84 Jaws and being very happy with it i decided to try the 84 OC base plate. The OC is smoother with less blade feel. It is also not as aggressive or as close as the Jaws. I think the OC is a nice daily razor and especially if you have a touch of irritation. I also find the OC...
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    Game Changer question

    I kept getting tempted with the GC, but thought it would be a bit on the mild side. Especially when I have been using an R41 daily for the last few months. However I came across a second hand Jaws 84 and gave it a go. The Jaws knocked the R41 for 6, as it was smoother and closer than the R41...
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    June & July are High Efficiency Razor Months.....

    SOTD Razor - Game Changer Jaws 84 Blade - Gillette Nacet (7) Brush - Simpson Trafalgar T3 Soap - Arko Pre shave - Village Barber shaving oil Post shave - Village Barber after shave balm For my the Jaws 84 out performs my R41, and is so much smoother.
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    Best Modern Open Comb

    Game changer .84 Jaws for me. I had s FOCS and it was efficent and smooth but not close enough for me. So got a R41 that was more efficient and closer, but a bit rougher, so sold the FOCS. Then got a GC JAWS and was so impressed with it. The Jaws is as efficient as the R41, but a touch...
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    Is there much difference between the Game Changer .84 OC and Jaws plate?

    I must admit I contemplated which Game changer to as my first Game Changer, do I get either the Jaws .84 or the OC .84. As I have been using the R41 razor for the last 3 months daily, I decided to go for the so called more aggressive Jaws. It also helped that someone locally was selling a...
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