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    What are the most disappointing razors you have purchased?

    The Lupo both .72 and .95.......tried my best to like it, but always end up with irritation. I'll stick with my GC .84P
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    Gillette 7 o'clock yellow

    Perma Sharp.......
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    Long Overdue PIF

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    Participation PIF - The Unobtainium Polsilver Super Stainless

    I received my blades this afternoon and put them to the test about an hour ago! (Thanks to @Grundi and @Space_Cadet for the opportunity!) Razor: Game Changer .84P SB Blade: Polsilver Super Stainless Soap: Tabac Brush: Razorock synthetic......bowl lather After a nice hot shower I proceeded to...
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    Long Overdue PIF

    I'm in! Thank you for the opportunity!
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    Participation PIF - The Unobtainium Polsilver Super Stainless

    I'm in! Would love to try these!
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    What are your favorite wood chips for smoking & why?

    Apple or hickory for pork Cherry for beef Pecan for everything else
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    Four new things during a single shave ..... Uh Oh !

    I concur with KD....the Doc is a pretty good fella....
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    My first Rudy Vey brush ..... Big smile on my face !

    VERY nice!! Congrats my friend!
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    I Love the GC .68-P. Talk me Out of Buying a GC .84-P.

    I have both, and much prefer the .84 plate. The .68 reminds me of the 3 Techs I already own. The Kai blade also does the same to the Techs that they will do for the GC .68 plate. The Kai blade will also kick the .84 up a notch as well.
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    How Long Did You Lurk?

    About 3 months for me. I still lurk a lot. I'm learning more and more every day!
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    Mega-PIF 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

    Congrats! Thanks for the chance at an awesome PIF!!
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    Slickest Shaving Soap (or Cream)?

    Soap......Tabac Cream....Capt's Choice 45th Parallel
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