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Recent content by baojunzm

  1. baojunzm

    Pereira fake on Ali Express

    These are some shaving soaps that smell like Creed aventus: WOW, that is a great tribute! amazing ! This is a Lupo razor: Wow! I don't have to wait in line to pay $400 for a wolfman. It's as good as wr1 ! This is a shaving bowl made in China. It looks like captain choice: Wow, this is a...
  2. baojunzm

    What Zenith boar brush to buy?

    I already have a SoC. It's great :laugh:
  3. baojunzm

    A puzzle that has been bothering me for a long time. Could any gentleman answer that?

    I have recently purchased a lot of JNAT, but I have a problem. Since the JNAT is excavated from the mine. Are they radioactive or toxic, just like many other minerals found in nature? Maybe I'm thinking too much:confused1
  4. baojunzm

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    Could any gentleman tell me, where can I buy a Coti stone :001_smile
  5. baojunzm

    fine shave soap being discontinued

    Just placed four Fine SOAP orders at Theshavemercantile.com :001_smile I find buying soap a real treat
  6. baojunzm

    Does size really matter?

    Razors over 7/8 don't fit me very well,5/8 or 6/8 fits me well :001_smile
  7. baojunzm

    Boker Elite Carbon 3.0

    thank you for you advice :laugh: 7/8 issard really great
  8. baojunzm

    Boker Elite Carbon 3.0

    How can I buy the Issard razor in the picture? :laugh: How can I buy the Issard razor in the picture?
  9. baojunzm

    Black Friday is around the corner. Will razor vendors be offering discounts

    I've got my wallet ready:c1:
  10. baojunzm

    Optimized my gold dollar

    It's ok for me :c1:
  11. baojunzm

    Optimized my gold dollar

    I can't use a too sharp razor,now is 18°,feel good to me :laugh:
  12. baojunzm

    Optimized my gold dollar

    feel pretty good
  13. baojunzm

    Optimized my gold dollar

    I optimized my GD888 and now it becomes easier to hone,easier to grip. :c10: But the blade is shorter
  14. baojunzm

    It's time to buy a Wacker razor

    Sir,could you tell me where did you buy those wacker's razors?
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