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  1. Balthier

    PIF: Scents and Sensibilities

    I'm in.
  2. Balthier

    *Fatip Slant*

    Gave into my curiosity and a little rad and got a FOCS from maggards on the 4th for the free shipping. My first slant and will be the last DE I buy I swear :biggrin1: might go back to my 1912 gem if not satisfactory.
  3. Balthier

    Southern Witchcrafts

    Have a pomona sample on the way. maggards was out of stock of tres matres and lycanthropy otherwise I woulda got them too.
  4. Balthier

    Murphy & McNeil

    anybody try the gael luc yet?
  5. Balthier

    That darn Piccolo!

    They do make a fatip piccolo gentile cc, but not common for USA vendors it seems. The special edition piccolo easier to find has metallic black type finish and gold baseplate comes with both open comb and closed comb gentile plates. The grande and wooden handled fatips have the same head as...
  6. Balthier

    Citrus Musk?

    perhaps Stirling Pharaohs dreamsicle? A blend of Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Vanilla, and Egyptian Musk.
  7. Balthier

    All Aqua Velva products ranked + giveaway

    I smelled the musk, ice sport, and classic in the bottle and liked ice sport the best and I bought it. Possibly they smell a little different being subtle wearing them though as I don't pick up spice notes in the bottle for the classic. I do agree menthol is not strong in ice sport. Canada...
  8. Balthier

    Any love for Treet Platinum.

    yeah that's surprising since astra sp is often used in the excalibur club. I haven't fully tested either for longevity. I tried treet platinum and thought it was a good smooth blade, but astra sp was a decent amount sharper for me.
  9. Balthier

    BP7770 Blade Test

    Oh wow Lord platinum a 10 haven't tested this blade yet but have some waiting to be tested these are super cheap.
  10. Balthier

    Open Comb Razor Vs Straight Razor

    Oh really interesting I thought my grande OC fatip was quite tight already.
  11. Balthier

    Open Comb Razor Vs Straight Razor

    how would the fatip OC slant be more comfortable than a regular OC fatip, it would just be more efficient wouldn't it? Never used a straight, but used SE's which are more thicker and rigid than DE. I would imagine how thick the straight is would make a world of difference in comfort although an...
  12. Balthier

    Participation PIF - Czech Out These Blades

    Had my last shave with tatra yesterday haven't posted in a while, but for me the tatra wins for me it's a nice smooth blade. Both of the 3rd blades rusted towards the end at some point surprisingly, but I guess humidity is increasing a little here. Thanks for the PIF!
  13. Balthier

    PIF - 2 straight razors and a vegan strop

    I'm in. Best tips is learn your technique and angles what works best for you steep, shallow, or somewhere in the middle with your particular blade/razor, it's probably best to start with a milder razor like gillette blue tip, feather and others for example unless making mistakes doesn't...
  14. Balthier

    Unlikely comparison: Timeless .95 OC & Maggard V3A

    Yes own the mission and v3a can't tell a difference. Yintal brass razors head also looks identical, but don't own that one. Keep in mind for some of the more expensive razors (timeless, karve, feather as-d2, GC etc.)your somewhat paying for a head that is not made of zamak. For modern razors...
  15. Balthier

    Participation PIF - Czech Out These Blades

    Tiger blade 3 shave #2 Razor: Fatip Grande OC Soap: Stirling Satsuma Brush: Yaqi Purple Haze Yesterdays shave Nice very close shave felt a little tugging on atg pass in couple spots so blade might be wearing a little bit. Find it hard to get directly under the nose with the fatip.