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  1. Bakker1964

    how often does your sink clog?

    The one I use is a green powder. I'll see if I still have some and snap a pic for ya.
  2. Bakker1964

    how often does your sink clog?

    Alternatively, there are some "green" drain cleaning products available that work by emulsifying the fats in the soap and allowing them to be washed away. I pour one down the drain every few months, just as a preventative.
  3. Bakker1964

    how often does your sink clog?

    Do NOT do this. You will damage the PVC pipes over time, to the point that they will simply snap when trying to unscrew one of the elbow collars. I learned this firsthand. But hot water IS the solution. When you are done shaving, rinse the sink out with hot water to wash everything down the...
  4. Bakker1964

    Devs-Caps & Pierre McGuire

    Personally, I like the Penguins original colours . . . White, dark and sky blue. Awesome combination, and a few years back they brought out a third jersey using them.
  5. Bakker1964

    The MMA Thread

    Agreed . . . I thought he was going to jail, though, with those added shots. Straight up murder.
  6. Bakker1964

    Devs-Caps & Pierre McGuire

    You want us to come down there and burn the White House to the ground again?!? You keep your paws off Cuthbert. That man is a National treasure. We might consider a waiver deal for Jim Hughson.
  7. Bakker1964

    What TV series you watching?

    Watched the Pilot for New Amsterdam the other night . . . not sure.
  8. Bakker1964

    Kim divorces Kanye...

    I really thought those two crazy kids were made for each other . . . him with all the talent in the world, but crazier than a s***house rat, while she has no discernable gifts beyond an ability to market herself.
  9. Bakker1964

    Old Man Rant

    Luxury . . . in my day, we had to share our feet with our siblings. My day was Tuesday. But . . . we were happy, then.
  10. Bakker1964

    Rubik’s cubes.

    I seem to recall reading that it is solvable simply by making a series of rote moves, regardless of the "scramble". The only determining factor of said scramble is how many "moves you need to make before completion. I have no clue whether this is true or not.
  11. Bakker1964

    Parler is Back

    I think it's more about self selection, than "not being allowed". For example, B&B self selects for people who wish to avoid getting into political wrangles by outright banning them, and any discussion of same. So, too with the various social sites . . . FB sets up for viewpoint "A", Parler...
  12. Bakker1964

    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    I found him to be immensely entertaining, once I stopped taking him seriously. Enjoyed his first book. And yes, he had a voice that was PERFECT for radio. Rest easy . . .
  13. Bakker1964

    RIP Leon Spinks

    He had his troubles outside of the ring . . . as many fighters of that era did. In the end, there is dignity in work, regardless of the station. #RIP
  14. Bakker1964

    Guess That Movie: Alternate Movie Description Edition!

    LOL . . . The Prestige?
  15. Bakker1964

    What Are You Reading?

    THANKS. I'll do that. Maybe I'll be better at it than Chess.
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