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  1. Badgerstate36

    A Divide in Wetshaving: Past vs Present

    Id say that Im a bit of both. I do love the nostalgia of a brush and DE razor but I also do believe that a DE razor gives a better shave and can save you a bit of money if you dont get sucked into overbuying.
  2. Badgerstate36

    How To Find A Great Men's Hair Stylist

    Mostly, Id say its trial and error. I tried a few barber shops before I found one and found a barber that I liked. I ended up going to a real, oldschool barber shop; not a mens' salon, which is what many of them are. I looked up what the oldest barber shop in my city was, looked at their list...
  3. Badgerstate36

    Aftershave vs Moisturizer

    Id personally apply moisturizer after your aftershave. That reason I say that is because I feel like the AS would wash the moisturizer off and would dry you out. IMO, you typically want to moisturize after you use an AS because you want to restore moisture to the skin and sooth any razor burn...
  4. Badgerstate36

    Travel Shaving Brush Recommendation

    I use my Simpson Wee Scott. You dont need to soak badger, just wet it and go just like you would with a synth.
  5. Badgerstate36

    What are the current top tier British soaps?

    IMO, one British soapmaker who gets overlooked is Phoenix & Beau. I find that they make wonderful soaps that are very slick and have great scents. Ive got probably 5 or 6 of their soaps and theyre all great, IMO. For me, TOBS, Trumper and P&B are all equally great. Im yet to try Dr Harris of...
  6. Badgerstate36

    Time to buy some cheap soaps. Reviews needed please.

    IMO, Colionel Conk is just meh. Its OK but its nothing special and theres better options out there for not much more money. Id personally go Stirling. If you get the refills and dont buy them in a plastic tub, you can get them for $9.
  7. Badgerstate36

    Simpsons On Amazon

    Ive bought a few Simpsons off of Amazon and never had a complaint with them. IMO, it an item has mostly good feeback and has hundreds of reviews or more; youre probably good to go.
  8. Badgerstate36

    Have Scandals Affected Your Enjoyment of Sports?

    I wouldnt say that it has always been legal but it is definetly part of the gamesmanship of baseball.
  9. Badgerstate36

    Persona med prep overrated...

    It should. If you like the Lab Blues, you should like the Med Preps because they are the same blade. The only difference is that the Meds go through an additional cleaning step to allow them to be approved for medical use.
  10. Badgerstate36

    Another help choosing a boar question.

    I'd look at the Semogue Owner's Club. I used to have one and it was a monster and a lather hog. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. Badgerstate36

    Expensive brushes - yes or no? Poll.

    $100 is probably my limit, even for an artisan brush. Theres just so many great, inexpensive brushes out there that I see no reason to spend more than $100. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. Badgerstate36

    Is it ok to keep the blade inside your DE after shaving?

    Ive been leaving the blade in my razor for years and its fine. I give my razor a quick dip in a jar of alcohol when Im done to displace any water and prevent the blade from rusting.
  13. Badgerstate36

    What am I missing by not buying value based brushes?

    Id say that all youre missing is saving some money on a brush that is probably just as good as any high-end brush. Ive used Semogues and Omegas and they lather just as well as any $100 badger brush Ive used. Sure, theyre not as soft or luxurious feeling but who cares? IMO, where youre really...
  14. Badgerstate36

    Personna Lab Blue Overrated???

    I like them. Theyre good blades and theyre made in the USA too.
  15. Badgerstate36

    Are cross-dominant shooters just screwed? I'm right handed but left eye dominant.

    I wouldnt say your screwed, you just need to close your left eye. Im the same way and when I first started shooting clays, I was horrible at it because youre taught to keep both eyes open. Im pretty good at archery (if I have sights) and with any gun, as long as I close my left eye.