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  1. Badgerstate36

    What happened to Ruds Shaves?

    Probably like most wetshaving Youtubers, you run out of new stuff to do a review of after a while. It seems like most of the more well known Youtube wet shavers have really slowed down in posting videos. Kensurfs, PaulH, NickShaves; they all seem to not post like they used to.
  2. Badgerstate36

    Is “Map Your Beard” an overrated piece of advice? (YES, it is!)

    I think its a YMMV kind of thing. If someone is going ATG on their 1st pass and is struggling with skin irritation, certainly mapping their beard is going to help them to get better results. For me, its kind of useless because I only shave my neck and the hair on my neck kind of grows in all...
  3. Badgerstate36

    Do cartridge razor cartridges typically last for more shaves than razor blades?

    Thats why I always roll my eyes at people when they moan about how expensive carts are but have a razor and brush for every day of the week and enough soap, aftershave and blades to last them 10 years. Im with you in that Id have saved a lot more money if I had never discovered wet shaving and...
  4. Badgerstate36

    Do cartridge razor cartridges typically last for more shaves than razor blades?

    Id say its about the same. I would say that carts give the perception of it being duller quicker than a DE because you have multiple blades, so you have a greater chance of it feeling tuggy, even if its not really all that dull. I usually get about 2 weeks of shaving every other day with a DE...
  5. Badgerstate36

    Explain Your User Name

    Born and raised in Wisconsin and Wisconsin is the badger state, so Im Badgerstate.
  6. Badgerstate36

    Gotten Yours Yet??

    I got my 1st dose of the Pfizer on Tuesday. It was quick, easy and painless. Really, the only painful part was the hour that I had to drive to find a place where I could get the vaccine. LOL Im looking forward to getting my 2nd dose later this month and getting back to going out to bars and...
  7. Badgerstate36

    Favorite Small Brush

    Simpson, Omega and Semogue are among my favorites. I find Simpsons to be a bit overpriced but theyre brushes that perform amazingly well and the fact that theyre made in the UK is pretty cool.
  8. Badgerstate36

    Which is the more famous pen brand, Parker or Sheaffer?

    I go you a few more: Pabst, Miller, Leinenkugel's, Spotted Cow, Usinger's, Husky tools, Milwaukee power tools, Dremel, Wisconsin is where the snowmobile was invented (no matter what Ski-Doo says), Kohler, its the place where labor unions started, Frank Lloyd Wright, Les Paul and at once point in...
  9. Badgerstate36

    I think I need to accept reality.

    Maybe you cant get your youth back but theres no reason you cant look your best at any age. Theres nothing wrong with that.
  10. Badgerstate36

    Which is the more famous pen brand, Parker or Sheaffer?

    Well, I grew up in southern Wisconsin and the old Parker pen plant was about 10 miles away from where I grew up and I know people who worked there; so for me its Parker.
  11. Badgerstate36

    Beer delivery!

    All of the breweries here in Columbus went to been delievery about a year ago and I think most of them are doing just as well now as they were before the pandemic. You cant beat buying beer online and having it delivered to your door.
  12. Badgerstate36

    Your Best Technique For Applying Creams?

    I always put a dab or 2 of cream on my face, kind of worked it into my skin a bit and then built the lather with the brush. I always found when I put the cream directly into the brush, the brush would kind of eat most of the cream and if I tried to load directly from the tub of cream, it would...
  13. Badgerstate36

    What company has largest share of your wallet

    For me, its a tossup between Gillette, Stirling, Barbsol and Omega. All of my razors are Gillette, although most of them were made over 40 years ago. I do have a Gillette Heritage and a King C though. All of my brushes are Omega, you cant beat them for value. Most of my soap right now is...
  14. Badgerstate36

    If you could give ONE piece of advice to new wetshavers, what would it be?

    I would say, "dont think that expensive give is going to give you a better shave." Theres lots of great inexpensive gear out there that performs exceptionally well.
  15. Badgerstate36

    Variety is the spice of life, but how much is too much?

    IMO, if you have more product than you could use up in 2 years, you probably have too much. I was much the same, when I first got into wet shaving 4 years ago, I kind of went crazy and at one point in time had over 30 soaps and 1000 blades. I have since cut back and now only have 2 soaps, 100...
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