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    Any fans of old time radio?

    I recently discovered some of the old time radio dramas that are in podcast form and really enjoy most of them.
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    Rotation or dedication?

    I typically am dedicated to one product until its gone.
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    A reminder for the use of restraint

    True. Im guility of it. I bought a new ATT razor and probably 10 soaps over Thanksgiving weekend.
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    Flannel Shirts

    Lands' End is much like Duluth. Based in Wisconsin and they make a very similar product. I mean, their 2 offices are about 20 minutes apart. The difference is Duluth designs their stuff more for blue collar people, whereas Lands' End is more white collar. Id say the quality is the same though.
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    Flannel Shirts

    Im a big fan of Duluth and Lands' End flannels. Theyre a bit more on the pricey side but they are awesome shirts.
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    Any aggresive DE razors with a very slim head profile?

    The Baili Eco is pretty aggressive and pretty slim.
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    Your .22 Rimfire

    I'll admit that Im kind of old school in that I prefer blued steel and wood over black plastic. Ive got a Walther PPQ with a 5" barrel in 9mm and its a wonderful gun and a joy to shoot but its certainly not the prettiest gun in the world.
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    Mr Rogers

    Its really good. I really liked the behind the scenes info and how Mr Rodgers kind of changed how we look at child psychology and how we approach teachable moments with kids.
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    What is Your Grail Razor?

    I started out with the .68 plate and really liked it but I feel like the .95 is more efficient. With the .95, I can do 2 passes and get near BBS. With the .68 it took 3. Both give great shaves and the .68 does give a very close, comfortable, no nicks, no blood shave; it just takes a bit more work.
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    What is Your Grail Razor?

    For me, it would have to be my Timeless. Smooth cap, solid bar, matte finish, .95 gap baseplate with the barber pole handle. Its such a smooth, close, effortless shave and the blades always align perfectly in the razor with no fuss or fiddling with blade alignment.
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    Assessing A Shave For BBS or Whatever | Immediately Post-Shave? | Later?

    Id say that its best to wait until the hairs and your face have dried. As someone else said, right after you shave, the hairs are still wet and have plumped up from the moisture but as they dry to a more normal level, they will shrink and sort of pull back a bit into your skin.
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    maneuverability of folding vs non folding

    Ive used both and I dont think it makes a huge difference. Its all what you like. The folding can be nice because the handle can tell you where your blade angle is at but it also can get in the way sometimes. I personally prefer the kamisori style, mostly just because I think its cool but both...
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    The Problem with Merkur

    Id say part of it is the fact that the superiority of German engineering is largely a myth. It was true at one point in time but those days are long gone. Muhle and Timor blades arent very good either, FWIW.
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    Mr Rogers

    I havent seen it but I want to. I tried to talk my wife into going but she thinks its going to be cheesy. Ive been listening to the NPR podcast, "Finding Fred", which kind of delves into the psychology of Mr Rodger's Neiborhood and have been really enjoying it. The podcast is quite good.
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    Your .22 Rimfire

    True. Theres times Ive wished that I would have bought a revolver. Not only are the easy to clean but they are super cool.