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  1. Badgerfat

    Went to Wally*World today

    They are a nice set!!! The bowl works particularly well for keeping the lather warm. And VDH is still in my rotation, along with the likes of Tabac and TOBS.
  2. Badgerfat

    Hello From Cincinnati!

    Welcome back!!!
  3. Badgerfat

    Newbie checking in!

    Welcome aboard!!! I would say you have a decent start up set. I would suggest getting a couple more brands of blades to compare with. But don't switch allot. I would stick with one brand for a month or so, then switch to a different brand. If you switch too often, you will give a bad rep to the...
  4. Badgerfat

    Newbie enjoying the ride.

    welcome aboard!!!
  5. Badgerfat

    My wife thinks I'm crazy!

    Great haul!!! My wife knows I'm crazy....Eh, thats the breaks
  6. Badgerfat

    So new my kit hasn't even arrived yet!

    Nice setup!!! I wouldn't consider it a blindside...I've been in the Iowa National Guard and have deployed 4 time in defense of my beloved country. And BTW, my Lt. thinks I'm the crazy one for shaving with a SE and a brush. The first time he saw me shave, he had the weirdest look on his face!!
  7. Badgerfat

    PIF: 7 T&H Samples and Dorco Blades

    Nice PIF, I am in sir
  8. Badgerfat

    Usps fail.

    Hmmm, maybe this is a reason the USPS is going bankrupt. The last time I went to the post office to send off a package, the postal worker was so rude and displeasing, that I will go out of my way to go to a standalone package shipper from now on. Sorry about your luck...300 bucks is allot of...
  9. Badgerfat

    Scuttle with a lid

    +1 Good advice, also too hot and it will break down pretty quickly.
  10. Badgerfat

    Have you purchased multiples of one item ?

    I have about 3 pucks of original Old Spice shave soap that I am hoarding. 4 tubes of C.O. Bigelow, 6 tubes of OS fresh lime. And 5 pucks of a local artisans soap.
  11. Badgerfat

    Have you purchased multiples of one item ?

    WOW 2 Visions!!! I have been stalking one online. They just seem so BIG. I'm worried my face is too small lol!!
  12. Badgerfat

    Shout out

    I'm no newbie, but I will check him out. I love trying new product!!!
  13. Badgerfat

    Will wet shave in the future, need cart now

    I'm all for just jumping in to DE shaving. Think of it this way, it may take a bit of patience and time right now, but in 10 years you will thank yourself. It pays off in the end, actually for me, my shaves don't last long enough anymore. Less than 15 minutes for a 3 pass shave with some buffing...
  14. Badgerfat

    New brush bad results.

    My B&B boar was a bit stiff out of the box. But I was using a Semogue 1305, which has less backbone, so it was a little to get used to. It is now in my rotation, and exclusively my travel brush. Just practice a bit more and you'll get it down.
  15. Badgerfat

    Time to stop lurking

    Welcome aboard!!