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  1. azwetshaver

    Want to dive in to higher end badger

    What is your price point? Badgers run from $50 to $400+. There are nice options at every price point in between. Around $150-200 I would recommend Shavemac 3 Band or 2 band Silvertip or Paladin
  2. azwetshaver

    Need a brush with better handle

    What is your targeted price? Does it have to be another boar brush? Like @Frank Shaves mentioned, Zenith makes some excellent brushes. I recently purchased a Zenith B2 and can say it might replace my Proraso Pro as my favorite boar brush. It has an aluminum handle that will show some wear with...
  3. azwetshaver

    New Old Straight Shaver

    Welcome back. :a14:
  4. azwetshaver

    High end razor recommendations

    Out of the ones you mentioned, I have only used the Timeless. It was a .68 Open Comb. It shaves great. Shave wise, it held it's own against a Wolfman WR1 SB (standard gap). I had both at the same time and did a little shave off experiment using both razors. However the head on the Timless is...
  5. azwetshaver

    Combating Wu Flu boredom

    The Koraat need a refreshing. That turned into all of them
  6. azwetshaver

    New Brush

    I'm in..... kidding of course. It's a beautiful brush.
  7. azwetshaver

    Best shaving wedding gift?

    It is difficult to purchase a traditional straight razor kit for under $100. It would most likely be used. Not sure if I would give a used item as a wedding gift. I would suggest a DE razor. Fatip, Razorock Gamechanger .84 Proraso Pro or Omega boar brush Razorock XXX soap and matching...
  8. azwetshaver

    FS Weber dlc head, tech, old type

    Sent you PM. Any wavy blade issues ?
  9. azwetshaver

    Would you pay big bucks for a mint Gillette Tech?

    I personally wouldn't. It's not my birth year and I don't like Techs. Do you like Techs? If you do, and want a birth year example, I would go for it. Keep in mind it is only worth the premium $80 to you. If you decide to sell or trade, you may only get half the price you paid. Even that may be...
  10. azwetshaver

    What's Wrong With Excessive Spine Wear?

    I try to stay away from too much wear on my razors, straights or DEs. If a DE has to much brassing, I figure there could be wear on the threads. On straights I stay away from home wear as I am not too experienced with honing. I figure hone wear may change the geometry of the blade. Wear that I...
  11. azwetshaver

    For girls

    Mystic Water soaps are fantastic and smell great. They have tons of options for scents. The artisan/owner is Michelle. She also offers bath and facial soaps.
  12. azwetshaver

    Custom Irish Shave Brush

    Shavemac 2 bands are always a winner. I also like Bob's Manchurian badger knots.