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  1. AZBronco

    RazoRock triple milled line up - best scent? Vote!

    I see this "excellent for the price" comment on these soaps quite often. Does that mean they aren't as good as other hard soaps (Tabac, PdP, L'Occitaine), but work fine for a cheap soap?
  2. AZBronco

    Nor'Easter Flask from Captain's Choice

    I saw an old Clubman bottle at an antique store--but it was cloudy and there was a little Clubman Pinaud inside that hadn't aged well. It's a great looking bottle! And Nor'easter is an amazing scent. I have the cream, and plan on ordering the AS and more cream later later this year. I'll...
  3. AZBronco

    Stirling Bath Soaps?

    I like them, but didn't find them terribly long lasting compared to triple milled bath soaps (i.e. PdP) that sell for the same price.
  4. AZBronco

    Green Cella Scent

    I definitely have this one on my list of stuff to try next time I make a purchase.
  5. AZBronco

    What Happened to Blade Prices?

    Supply and demand. As @jmudrick said, when forums consistently praise certain blades, demand increases. Overseas production won't increase because US demand of DE blades is minuscule compared to countries where DE shaving is still common--so our increase is probably not even noticeable. US...
  6. AZBronco

    Newby question about creams and soaps

    Creams are soft, soaps are hard, and croaps are something with a consistency in between a cream and a soap. Proraso in a tub is a good example—it’s not as hard most soaps, but not as soft as a cream. Try a little of each and you’ll learn what you prefer. If you’re like many of us here, you’ll...
  7. AZBronco

    Don't you think there should be a dedicated threads for electric shaving?

    I’m honestly curious what would be discussed on an electric forum. I have no idea how often new models come out, but all I can think of is threads like “is the new Braun worth upgrading?” There really wouldn’t be debates about if a 1993 Remington is superior to a 2020 Norelco, would there? All...
  8. AZBronco


    I used Tabac this morning. The scent to me is meh (smells like soap) but performance can’t be beat. It’s a triple milled soap that lathers up faster and easier than most soft soaps.
  9. AZBronco

    are barrister mann shave soaps worth it?

    I really like B&M—the soaps perform really well (I’m most familiar with the excelsior base). Having said that, I do find them pricey because it’s 4 ounces and I tend to get about two months of daily shaves from one. By comparison, Proraso in the tub will last me 3 months and Stirling lasts me 4...
  10. AZBronco

    Captains Choice Sandalwood - Wow!

    I agree with you. I had a tub of the TOBS sandalwood and hated it. I found it to be more flowery than woody—I cant understand the appeal. I really like AOS sandalwood and CC.
  11. AZBronco

    Define wet shaving

    I always assumed wet shaving meant you used water and something that lathers. However, it seems a lot of people define wet shaving by the type of razor someone uses. Mostly, I see DE, SE, and SR tools are referred to as wet shaving but cartridges aren’t The only dry shaving tool I’m aware of...
  12. AZBronco

    Gillette's latest and greatest expensive gimmick

    I’m not the target market for this—zero interest when I have a nice scuttle that warms my lather nicely. But based on all the razors like Timeless, CG, Rex, OneBlade, etc. there seems to definitely be a market for pricey razors.
  13. AZBronco

    Captain's Choice Sandalwood

    I used the Captain's Choice sandalwood aftershave today. The shave itself was routine and BBS. This was my first time using Captain's Choice aftershave. First thing I noticed is that it there's more in it than alcohol and essential/fragrance oils--I looked up the ingredients and it has glycerin...
  14. AZBronco

    Captain's Choice Nor'Easter Shaving Cream Review

    It's rare to see artisan creams--I don't know why. They must be more difficult/more expensive/more tempermental to make in small batches.
  15. AZBronco

    Captain's Choice Venture

    I got a sample of the shave balm in Venture. Nice sent and great shave balm--no greasiness, just nice soft skin after shaving.