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  1. AZBronco

    ok, if your on this board you probably have too many aftershaves

    My wife really likes how Clubman Pinaud smells on me. It’s one I always have on hand.
  2. AZBronco

    Tabac PIF!

    Nice PIf but I’m not in. I also didn’t like the scent of Tabac at first, but it’s grown on me over time. The winner will get a great performing soap.
  3. AZBronco

    Sandalwood: The most meaningless word in wetshaving?

    My favorite sandalwood scents are AOS and Proraso Red. I don’t like ToBS or Stirling sandalwood. Captain’s choice is a nice scent, but sandalwood seems to be one of many notes. I’ll add Barbershop to Bay Rum as a scent no one knows what it’s supposed to be.
  4. AZBronco

    Debating on trying the Veg.

    I had the pleasure to smell it in a mall store. It immediately burned off my eyebrows and my wife ran screaming out of the store (maybe not exactly that bad, but that’s how I remember it going down).
  5. AZBronco

    Hello from Belgium

    Bienvenue! J’espère que vous apprécierez le forum.
  6. AZBronco

    Proraso Red has split/separated...wth!

    I’ve had creams split and one even developed a rancid smell. Like @abershaver, I no longer stock up on creams and try to use them up within a year.
  7. AZBronco

    Razor Makers on the Decline

    I love my Ralf Aust and PRC razors—but they are somewhat plain compared to customs I see. I love the custom razors, but the high prices and small market of straight razor users will always limit how many these artists can sell.
  8. AZBronco

    February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Still in. I was at Macy’s last night and they had the Proraso collectible tins on a table. I picked on up—then remembered I’m already well stocked so put it back down and walked away.
  9. AZBronco

    February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Still in. I enjoyed Tabac this morning, followed by Brut AS. I bought Brut a couple of years ago and don’t use it a lot. It reminds me of when I was in high school—and my dad also wrote it so it reminds me if him. I do find it a bit overwhelming, though, but no issues wearing it while working...
  10. AZBronco

    Great scent, not so great performance

    I think they pay a lot to be a sponsored product in Amazon. If I search any shaving soap Sir Hare shows up.
  11. AZBronco

    How much is to much menthol

    I’ve yet to encounter too much menthol. I agree with earlier post about B&M Terror. The synthetic menthol leaves residual on my hands and face all day—didn’t matter how many times I washed my hands. So accidentally touching my eyes on days I used terror was always painful. I used up the soap but...
  12. AZBronco

    February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Still in and just enjoying shaving. Today was a Ralf Aust (best straight razor ever IMO) and Captain's Choice Nor'easter. Great combination--I'll probably end my streak of successful GRUMEs when that tub of soap runs out.
  13. AZBronco

    Who Makes Art of Shaving Creams?

    P&G acquired AOS several years ago, it wasn’t invented in house. It’s possible they consolidated production to one of their factories, or maybe they left production where it was.
  14. AZBronco

    Something about Tabac

    I’ve used one stick of Arko. I used the whole stick, but never bothered to try it again. Maybe it would also grow on me given enough time!
  15. AZBronco

    Something about Tabac

    I first got Tabac a year ago. I didn’t find the scent to be “old lady handbag” as some describe it, but I initially thought it was a bit too floral for my preference. However, I couldn’t complain about performance. Over time, I’ve just used it now and then. Once I used it exclusively for a...
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