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    Doctor Who news

    Funny thing—my family never got into Jodi Whitaker as the doctor. Not sure if it was her or the writing. It’s especially odd because I only have daughters and thought they’d be really excited for a female doctor. Seems they would all rather watch reruns with David Tenant and Matt Smith.
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    A rather unusual PIF...

    Wow—great PIF. I’m in. I haven’t used a mechanical keyboard in years and am frequently disappointed in modern junk keyboards.
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    Greetings from Barcelona (Spain)

    Welcome! I had a chance to go to Barcelona once. I could see Camp Nou from my hotel room. Great food, great beaches, and some unique architecture!
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    “Rotations” ? Totally Unnecessary.

    I agree with others who essentially say that a simple setup is absolutely good enough. But I love variety in life and have no regrets with my purchases. At the same time, I’ve slowly worked down my supply and will likely stick with 5 soaps and a couple of my razors for the majority of my shaves.
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    I’ve only owned one shedder. Every shave that brush lost a dozen hairs. But even brushes that started shedding seem to stop after whatever little clump that came loose is gone.
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    Do I need to stock up on Mitchell’s?

    Where is MWF made? It’s seems anything from Europe is phasing out tallow. I was sad to learn Tabac changed.
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    I realized I've achieved contentment

    I’m loving the responses! To be clear, I’m not down to 1 razor, 1 soap, 1 blade, etc. I own about 50 razors—and there are 5 I use regularly. I also have about 5 soaps that I will replenish as I burn through the “good but not my favorite” pile. I only use a couple of blades, and 3 brushes get...
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    I realized I've achieved contentment

    I haven't been on B&B much lately because life has been too busy for me (for good reasons!). Anyway, my shaving hobby took a back seat and I've been using up products rather than increasing my stash. This past week I realized I'm content with a few favorites! I'm still happy with my...
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    How do you store your loose tucks of DE blades?

    Nothing fancy for me—just a baggie.
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    Amazon exclusive Edwin Jagger Kelvin

    That’sa great price—only $26 in the US. I had to read through all the Amazon exclusive stuff and finally found this in the model number “DES89KNBLAMZ.” So it seems it is just a discounted DE89.
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    Acqua di Parma (AdP) closest alternatives scent wise

    XXX smells better, but Stirling is better on my skin. Still, I buy XXX because the scent is so good.
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    FedEx is destroying its own brand and maybe more

    I used to be happy when I saw a retailer shipped with FedEx. Now I cringe. I recently had a package go from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta (where I live in a suburb), where it sat for several days. Then it went to New Orléans, back to Atlanta, and finally delivered to my house about 2 weeks after...
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    $100 to spend, which DE to get

    One of the SS razors from Razorock (Mamba, Lupo, Gamechanger, Baby Smooth, etc.)--just pick one based on the amount of aggression/blade exposure you like.
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    May 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    I’m still here. Today I finished a bottle of Thayer’s, so down to 3 after shaves. I also recently finished a tub of Stirling Blue.
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    More Aggressive Razor or Improve my Technique

    If you like to skip several days, I agree with the earlier posts that recommend a straight or shavette. The learning curve is steep, but after you figure it out you’ll plow through longer growth pretty easily.
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