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  1. Avi

    Any Hardy Boys fans?

    I am next to positive I have a science graduate degree because of Tom Swift ( from the library ). I tore through those as a kid. In the UK the hardy boys equivalent I think was “the famous five” which involved 5 kids solving all sorts of random mysteries. regards avi
  2. Avi

    Pol Silver

    actually this isn’t quite true .. we’ve gotten stuff from the UK, greece, Australia and all over the US in this time frame ( a week from order to delivery ) , COVID 19 related mail order addiction is such it’s gotten to the point our 2 yr old waves at the ups man and goes “goodbyeeeEE mr...
  3. Avi

    Pol Silver

    I actually ordered these stupid blades all the way back on may 1st because of stupid threads like these and because I'd like to join aforementioned stupid cult and stupidly they have not arrived yet .. not annoyed at all! Where is my Guyana punch?!?!
  4. Avi

    Is shaving cream effeminate?

    you're okay Dr. Shave, you're okay!
  5. Avi

    Is shaving cream effeminate?

    The only consistent truisms in threads and topics of this nature is most people would agree that one of the mostly unmanly acts of unmanliness is to care about what constitutes manliness, be yourself.
  6. Avi

    Cast iron - especially in the UK

    If you look at the epicurious redux, you can see they argue that somewhat ironically the rough surface may actually help in the long-term non-stick nature of the pan that the smooth ones do not (so its easier to carbonize on the rough pan), so potentially those cheap lodges (and maybe in...
  7. Avi

    Cast iron - especially in the UK

    The high end new cast iron are the hyper thin smoothed ones like fields and finex etc. A friend has a finex and loves it. You can see the reviews for high end raw cast iron here ( via epicurious ): https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/best-cast-iron-skillet-pan-reviews-article We have le...
  8. Avi

    Home Security/Deterrent Measures So That You Don't HAVE To Shoot Someone.

    Is this really, really true ? I can only imagine this only works for burglars without dogs. Our 50lb mutt dog sounds like a viscous attack animal when pernicious amazon delivery || deer || or neighbors cat is about .. but lets be honest we all know all a burglar has to do is bring say some...
  9. Avi

    Tales for spoiled brats

  10. Avi

    Thayes hazel witch

    I bought this and to honest it feels like too much artificial stuff on my face doing both. It feels like a non stingy splash to me so I alternate either the lavender toner or a balm but not both.
  11. Avi

    If a guy wanted just ONE nice American made safety razor...

    Canada is technically in America, North America ;)
  12. Avi

    Easily Obtainable "Major Brand" Hot Sauces

    I do not know if this counts ( but super easy to find in Asian grocery stores ) but this can turn any crappy takeout into really good slightly sichuanish spicy food. Ive gotten so addicted to this I buy 4 packs at a time now ... it’s less vinegary than typical Vietnamese or American/Latin...
  13. Avi

    Want to get into DSLR, is there an actual budget option?

    Take a look at adorama's used section (it seems a bit better than bh right now). If you are used to film go with something full frame as you don't have to randomly think differently from your film days. There is a used canon 1ds full frame (17 MPX) there for $529. You can probably get a used...
  14. Avi

    ASD2 - what am I doing wrong?

    my guess is @Invicta is right .. we are all probably substituting a slight bad habit for good technique. You can test this w/ the alum block which tends to point out where you've gone a bit raw. My guess is the absolute proper technique with the as-d2 makes using the alum block feel like doing...
  15. Avi

    2 Starters started.

    Is this an app? This looks really useful for adjusting recipes .. somewhat weirdly I am using my starter as a supplement to regular bread ( machine ) recipes using a European bread recipe or a whole wheat recipe depending on how decadent we are feeling that day .. basically for morning toast /...