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  1. Avenolpey

    Sharpened Gold Dollars?

    Color me corrected. That is amazing. Seriously, you can buy a shave ready razor for that price. Jump on it.
  2. Avenolpey

    Sharpened Gold Dollars?

    I don't think anyone is doing it anymore. But, there is a beautiful Henkels on the B&B marketplace (Panjo) for $65.
  3. Avenolpey

    Is japanese natural awasedo grit really friable?

    You would have to go back to your baseline 8k for this experiment to be valid. I believe Todd showed images of this.
  4. Avenolpey

    Is japanese natural awasedo grit really friable?

    It would seem that the new images from TSOS refute the suggestion that they are friable validating Alex's results.
  5. Avenolpey

    Advice you wish you'd been given when you started.

    Dry your razor and inside of scales with tissue and then strop. Oil if you like. Store out of the bathroom. Even in a bathroom drawer they can get splashed with little drops of water that turn to rust in hours. Give yourself time to enjoy your shaves. It is not something to rush. It is...
  6. Avenolpey

    First shave tomorrow, questions

    Remember to dry out your scales and blade with tissue. As a beginner things will get more wet than they will in the future. Keep your strop from getting too slack and keep the spine of the razor on the strop at all times. No need to lift the razor off the strop. Just flip it with the the...
  7. Avenolpey

    Looking for comments on my planned honing purchases

    If you are looking for alternatives for similar money you could get Chosera 1k and a Jnat with repeated DMT slurry to refine and a final slurry to finish. For the price of the SS 5, 8, 12 you can get a spectacular Jnat. Good ones are easy to use and a joy to hone on. Later you can add Nagura...
  8. Avenolpey

    Finest JNAT Finisher

    Here is an example of an affordable Wakasa. http://yhst-27988581933240.stores.yahoo.net/wakasa-natural-whetstone-8348g-83481136.html Takeshi tests these to some degree. He rates this one as hard but not crazy hard and particle size is very fine. At 5.6x3 inches it is plenty of real estate...
  9. Avenolpey

    First post/ shave/ advice, mistakes?

    http://thesuperiorshave.com/coticulebouts.html. For as little as $44 you can get a nice finisher. With the Coticule you can start coming off the 8k and over time you can learn slurry dilution and come straight off the 4K. I used to do this with a Naniwa 3/8 and eventually 3- Coticule was my...
  10. Avenolpey

    Using Pastes to Finish an Edge

    The original premise was that for a beginner, an under developed Norton 8k edge finished on CrOx was a not going to produce an acceptable result. I stand by that assertion. Why would we recommend a solution to a newcomer that we personally would not use. I recommended that an OP pass on the...
  11. Avenolpey

    Straight Newbie with a couple questions

    In a couple weeks your current challenges will be faint memories. Just keep going, don't get careless and everything will improve.
  12. Avenolpey

    How do YOU apply CrOx to a cotton/linen hanging strop?

    That CrOx is some crazy stuff eh. Tearing up edges and all.
  13. Avenolpey

    Need finisher recommendation

    Good advice.
  14. Avenolpey

    CrOx rounding an edge

    You can't make this stuff up.
  15. Avenolpey

    Exchanging Films for Stones. . . . maybe

    Most common new honer complaint on this forum is why are my shaves so harsh with my Norton 8k that I strop on CrOx. No, not myth, just a recurring theme.
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