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Recent content by aussietanker

  1. aussietanker

    Another Bootlegger's Original Bay Rum Review

    Me again! Is Relampago Medicado Alcolado a substitute for the Superior 70 Bay Rum? Have spent several days on and off searching for the Dr Sana's Bay Rum (which looks suspiciously identical to Superior 70 BR!) without success. It also seems to be sold out :( I did manage to find some Benjamins...
  2. aussietanker

    Another Bootlegger's Original Bay Rum Review

    lol ... a bit far for me! But i would definitely pic up a few cuban cigars while i was at it (even tho i don't really smoke!) And i may as well stop at PR on my way and pick up the MIA Superior 70 straight from the factory! Is there an ingredients list for Superior 70? I wondered whether i...
  3. aussietanker

    Another Bootlegger's Original Bay Rum Review

    LOL ... Forget the search for Superior 70. I want one of those shirts. It's awesome! Slightly off thread, but where do you buy such a shirt from?
  4. aussietanker

    Making Room..Omega, Zenith, WCS and some great soaps

    If you do decide to part it out i will take the soaps, but completely appreciate that you want to sell it all in one bundle. :)
  5. aussietanker

    Another Bootlegger's Original Bay Rum Review

    Does anyone know where i can buy the "Superior 70" Bay rum (and the Vitos Colonia Tabacco) that will ship internationally. They both seem to be out of stock in most places. The few places that have it will not ship internationally. :( Is there a common alternative to these two as i have...
  6. aussietanker

    vintage retail shaving displays

    Thanks for the information. What an amazing image. I never knew that Gillette even advertised in comic books! I have seen quite a number of vintage Gillette adverts. Etsy has heaps of reproductions of vintage adverts for Gillette as well as for most of the other main brands. There are...
  7. aussietanker

    vintage retail shaving displays

    Hi Folks.. I did a search on this and couldn't find a thread on this topic here. I am trying to find images and descriptions of what the "product display units" / product wall racks / retail display signage etc that Gillette would have provided to their larger retailers so that they could...
  8. aussietanker

    Elite Razor's Entry to the Vendor Hall of Fame

    Welcome! Some VERY beautiful brushes on your website. I have bookmarked them for my Fathers day / Christmas presents for myself! Best of luck with it all. You have some stunning work!
  9. aussietanker

    FS Den Clearing Soap Sale

    Hi @Wgg2017 Have sent you a pm
  10. aussietanker


    That's an awesome photo. What gear do you use to take that?
  11. aussietanker

    WTB V Good condition Toggle & Red Dot cases (only)

    Hi. I know it's a long shot (ok, a very long shot) but as the title says, I'm looking for a v good condition Toggle case and a very good condition red dot Fatboy case. Even better if they contain the instructions etc Genuine collector, looking for cases & / or instructions / inserts only and...
  12. aussietanker

    Gillette Fat Boy and Slim: Compare and Contrast

    Thanks for the info guys. Got it! The reason that i have asked is because I had my very first shave with a Fatboy today and thought that it was going to rip the skin of my face. I then saw that it was set on 9 so dialed it down to 5 and still the same. Dialed it down to 1 and while it was...
  13. aussietanker

    Gillette Fat Boy and Slim: Compare and Contrast

    Thank you for your reply. So does this simply mean that when using the TTO dial to close the "doors" it's important to turn it a bit past that first perceived "end point"... so to turn until it really will not go any further? Is this a design flaw or part of a deliberate design decision?
  14. aussietanker

    Gillette Fat Boy and Slim: Compare and Contrast

    I know that this is an old thread, but is this referring to the bottom (TTO) dial, not the top (blade settings) dial? And is it necessary to do this on all adjustables .. ie ss, slims, fatboys, SA etc?
  15. aussietanker

    FS A Real Bunch of Worthless Junk

    Would you consider shipping internationally? I've only just starting my WS journey and I simply don't have enough worthless junk. In fact, I suspect that the small amount of worthless junk that I have been able to scrounge up might in fact be fake worthless junk as I bought it off eBay from a...
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