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Recent content by Atos

  1. Atos


    Hi gents, I've been away from this forum for a long time and since this thread caught some interest back then, I thought I would bump it up, so others could try this mentholation method as well :)
  2. Atos


    Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Atos

    Blind Blade Test - 63 blades

    I'm curious why do you want to use a different set of criteria and what should they be? Btw, this is a great endeavour!
  4. Atos


    Very generous. Interested in all the items but most in couple of them. Might PIF the rest around Europe region, if it would be okay with the original PIFer :) Thanks regardless!
  5. Atos

    Speick + menthol + aloe vera gel after shave combo

    Hello gentlemen, I came up with one amazingly soothing after shave mix and I would like to share it with you. I always wanted to add menthol to my speick, but was always afraid that I would spoil it. So I waited till there was not much left in the bottle and then added small amount of menthol...
  6. Atos

    Best deals on blades?

    I would check connaughtshavig.com
  7. Atos

    glycirin shaving soaps

    Hi, Barbus is well performing glycerin based croap. It also costs 2,5$ for 150g. Only downside is that you can buy it in Czech republic.
  8. Atos

    The Graveyard!

    This was Speick´s last breath. It was a great soap stick but I am glad that the only Speick in use will be the AS for a while.
  9. Atos

    SIXTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge

    Shave #8 - Wilkinson sword - Merkur Slant shave = 3 passes (WTG, XTG, ATG + touchups) This is the end of this February endeavour for me. I had to change the blade at the end of second pass. The tugging was just too much considering that a lot of hair was left behind by every stroke. Good...
  10. Atos

    **Closed** Ahoy! All aboard for a B&B contest sponsored by Captain's Choice!

    What a great contest. I would be glad even for a free sample pack but this is very generous. Thank you. I am in :)
  11. Atos

    Show me your razor blade bank!

    I am definitely using that idea. Thanks a lot :-)
  12. Atos

    Newbies, show off your gear!

    I really like how the ivory handles match :) Enjoy all the shaves that are coming.
  13. Atos

    SIXTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge

    Shave #6, Wilkinson blade, Merkur slant, speick soap. Not a very good shave with some irrigation on my neck. I might have to bail out on Friday because I need to look sharp at night. Honestly, would it be too big of a violation if I used a new blade for that one Friday shave and then came...
  14. Atos

    SIXTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge

    Hi everybody, this was 5th shave, 4 of them done with my new Merkur slant razor. It is suprisingly smooth shaver to the point that I won´t be using my EJ DE89 for a while. Wilkinson blade is still performing well. Speick was used both as a soap and AS. And because every thread is better with...
  15. Atos

    SIXTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge

    I am definately in. This will be my first atempt in pushing a blade past 5 shaves, so I am curious about the result :) 1. goby - Astra 2. Kevdogg329 - Gillette Wilkinson Sword (China) 3. MuhleShaver - Gillette 7 O'Clock Black (Super Platinum) 4. Hellboy - TBC 5. Cosmos Mariner - GEM Stainless...
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