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  1. arghblech

    Blended Scotch Whisky

    I rotate between Famous Grouse, Grant's, and Ballantine as my inexpensive blends. Black Grouse is very nice as well. I *was* madly and deeply in love with Black Bottle but some heartless soul-eater decided it needed to be reformulated.
  2. arghblech

    Lagavulin 16yr

    As Lagavulin's prices have risen I've resorted to Caol Ila. Others disagree but I find it an acceptable alternative for (at least here) $35 less per bottle.
  3. arghblech

    Best Rye Whiskey

    I like the E. H. Taylor Straight Rye. Actually, I've liked everything from that label that I've had. Sazerac makes a solid rye. I have no beef with LDI whiskey. They make some really tasty stuff. Some companies are less forthcoming about the source of their liquid than I'd like.
  4. arghblech

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Last night's glass was Forty Creek Copper Pot.
  5. arghblech

    Preferred whisky glass?

    I have several of the glencairns in both shapes. I break them out when I'm trying to get to know a whiskey. If I'm drinking something that I don't care to study (most of the time in all honesty) I just break out a tumbler.
  6. arghblech

    Fixing the Yixing?

    Sorry for your partial loss.
  7. arghblech

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    The Shave Den Lime. Yesterday was some of the old Body Shop sandalwood.
  8. arghblech

    SOTD- sheng of the day

    Now that we've had a cold snap down here I'm breaking into my sheng. Today's was from a sample of 2008 Xiaguan FT Mushroom tuo. My brewing needs work. I'm so very out of practice.
  9. arghblech

    OOTD- oolong of the day

    Some older Floating Leaves Taiwan Wuyi. I found a little stashed. A bit stale perhaps but still delightful.
  10. arghblech

    The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison advertises One Razor by Micro Touch on TV

    I just saw the ad this week. It was surreal to see DE shaving on TV.
  11. arghblech

    New Years Day - Black Eyed Peas

    I hate that band so much that I now dislike the food they were named for.
  12. arghblech

    Ramen vs. Pho

    I voted pho because my city is awash in amazing pho. I love both pretty equally. With pho the more nasty bits in it the better.
  13. arghblech

    Dillution Method Preferences

    I use bottled spring water when I need to lower the proof. My EH Taylor Barrel Proof is 135ish proof and I feel it needs a touch of water to come around flavor-wise.
  14. arghblech

    What is everyone's opinion on Titos vodka?

    I hate Tito's and I'm in TX. I usually get Monopolowa.
  15. arghblech

    Single cup tea infuser ?

    I use a stainless Bodum YoYo.