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    Wallet suggestion please

    They may be good, but in comparison to the Big Skinny, almost any traditional wallet is too fat. My wallet with 5 cards and cash is probably 1/2 to less than 1/2 the size of a regular wallet that is empty. Once you have tasted that level of thinness, it is very hard to go back to traditionally...
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    What is your favorite non-tallow, non-lanolin shaving soap?

    MdC. Nothing comes close.
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    a tale of 3 zimmerli boxers

    There is a noticeable difference in the feel of the material in all 3. It might have to do with the type of cotton and the way it was weaved, but not sure.
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    Martin de candre overpriced or really that good?

    I just ordered a jar of Agrumes. It is my 4th MdC. The first was Fougere which I put on BST because it was irritating my sensitive skin. I later discovered that if the container is left open then it's stops causing irritation. It probably has to do with the concentration of fragrance. The...
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    a tale of 3 zimmerli boxers

    I bought 3 zimmerli boxers at different times. I'm attaching pictures of two of them. First, none of them say "Made in Switzerland". Second, they were all worn and washed the same way, and yet there is a difference in how the material at the leg openings have wrinkled -- from none to very bad...
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    Thoughts after first shave with MdC

    I never had one with a glass jar but I do prefer their older, understated labeling. Those limited scents keep disappearing and reappearing. So it's possible they may be here to stay.
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    Need a new dish washer

    Just to let everyone know, I ended up buying a Miele G4228 (their cheapest model in the US) for $899 (they had a $100 rebate at the time). I had to pay an additional $200 to get it installed and as a result it comes with a 2 year warranty (instead of 1 year). Overall, after 6 months of...
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    Acqua DI Parma

    I checked and I think it was $30, so not as good of a deal.
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    Acqua DI Parma

    Any idea if these guys are legit? https://www.beautytheshop.com/us/men/shaving/acqua-di-parma/acqua-di-parma-barbiere-soft-shaving-cream-125ml-4 The price looks too good to be true. They have it listed for $46, plus offering 10% off that, when most other places list it for $85. This means it's...
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    what's happening with traditional boxer shorts underwear?

    OT: I hate the aging process. It really is a curse! The water levels are higher in some toilets, but I think because of water saving nowadays they tend to be lower. I wonder if they can perform cosmetic surgery to correct the sagging. Edit: Looks like it is actually possible to have surgery...
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    Thoughts after first shave with MdC

    Awesome pic, nice collection of simple tools.
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    rotating soaps

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    Let's Talk Soft

    I don't have any, but I can't imagine anything would be softer than silk.
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    Wallet suggestion please

    I have had 6-8 of these over the years, right from when all they had was one model (ca. 2007). Ironically they discontinued that and I now use this: https://www.bigskinny.net/multi-pocket.html Their original was much better quality...
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    Who Was That Masked Man?

    I wear a surgical mask. I had bought a box 2 years ago because of some immune system issues. Never used them back then. I change it every 2 weeks or so. Many of the grocery stores around here give them out as well.