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    Best brushes on the market today

    All brands mentioned. Seriously. Its called BAD. But in all honesty you will get your first brush and it WILL be amazing. You'll use it for a while then wonder about another. Then youll buy a few more and by the time you know it you'll have 10+ brushes. Then you might start thinning the her to...
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    Maggard standard 2-band vs SHD 2-band

    I have a 28mm SHD in a vintage CH3. It is very dense and scrubby. I like to use it if i havent shaved for a day or two...especially if i havent shaved for 4 days or more. It is soft but it is so dense it is better for more hair growth imo. Mine is a lather hog but i have too much soap anyway.
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    Time taken to lather

    This. I can get by with ok lather with a DE. It has to be like this for straights or my face will suffer.
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    FS Red Dot. Diplomat. Big F. Brushes

    Red dot SPF
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    FS Red Dot. Diplomat. Big F. Brushes

    Diplomat and Big F sold! Thanks guys.
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    FS Red Dot. Diplomat. Big F. Brushes

    CONUS Only. Shipping +PP fees included. TOP YO BOTTOM: Turn N Shave 30mm TGN silvertip-40 1926 Big Fellow-40 Red Dot w crooked doors-400 Diplomat-30 Turn N Shave 26mm TGN silvertip-40 Dm for more photos. Thanks for looking
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    Total noob and a bit nervous.

    As others have said, go slow. My biggest tio for beginners is just try and remove lather from your face. Then you can work on pressure. As @HazMat Shaver said about angle. Follow that. And a lather that isnt slick has done more damage to me than anything else.
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    Where are the Master Razor Makers?

    Osiris Bladeworks There is also Drew Dick, Max Sprecher, and Martinez.
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    FS Straights

    All sold! Thank you B&B.
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    FS Straights

    Price drop- extra 20
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    FS Straights

    Price drop. -10 on all.
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    FS Straights

    Better blade pic.
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    FS Straights

    CONUS ONLY. SHIPPING INCLUDED. Portland Razor Co. Leviathin. Toe smaller than heel. Some surface rust begining at pivot-130 Dovo Special-80 Fili 13 novo. Toe smaller than heel. 60 PR finished on thuri Dovo finished on coti Fili finished on paste .12 something. Waaaaay too sharp for me.
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    FS 9/8 suminigashi straight

    Awesome razor! I have one and i love it. He recently put out a video saying he is going to stop taking custom orders and just probably make what he wants and offer it for sale. Also said he has made 80 razors so far and will finish up his last 20 then start doing that.