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    Touch up paint Gillette Red Tip

    Rustoleum "Satin Claret Wine" according to Razor Emporiums reconditioning video..........
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    Zenith Boar B28 Copper

    I love my Zenith copper brush, as pictured in my avatar. It is my "go to" regular brush. I found that I could get the tarnish off the handle by rubbing it with neat handwash cream from the squirty dispensers such as Imperial Leather, after a couple of minutes coating it with that kind of liquid...
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    Making the Transition to a More Aggressive Razor

    Of all the razors to blade combinations that I have tried, the best I have paired has been my ATT Windsor with the most aggressive "H plate" fitted and then paired with a Polsilver Iridium blade. It gave as close as I feel I will ever get to the "BBS" shave, totally irritation free with the alum...
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    palmolive green cream

    Used this for the first time yesterday and had one of my best shaves, really nice cream and at the price (£2.84 delivered) is a bargain.
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    Number of shaves on a blade... over 8...why?

    LOL!! Priceless!!
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    Best fragrance for a manly man?

    Agreed, gets my vote - a really good fragrance, one of my favourites.
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    Dunhill Icon...Wow

    Icon has to be my favourite too, a really pleasant unique fragrance that lasts most of the day. Closely followed by Dior Homme Intense, another unique fragrance that makes you feel good for most of the day. Andy
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    Feather ASD2 blade choices

    Feather blades are my first choice in my AD S2, closely followed by Polsilver SI blades. I don't care much for Astra blades in this razor as they don't seem to be sharp enough and may contribute to the slight post shave irritation I seem to get with them. Andy
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    Ready to give up

    On the strength of this recommendation I bought a couple of bars of "Yardley London Lemon Verbena Moisturising Soap" and was very impressed with it. I live in a very hard water area but this soap lathered up quickly providing a very soft slick lather, when left on the face for a couple of...
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    Buying mistakes, particularly new DE users

    I have a Feather AS D2 Razor and love this when used with the Feather blades. However, I tried a Polsilver Super Iridium blade in it for the first time yesterday and was blown away by the smooth shave it gave - definitely a blade to consider in your quest!! This blade was part of a trial pack...
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    Timeless Stainless Razors

    Thank you for that. Food for thought!! I am really erring toward the Titanium, I have an ATT Highly Polished SS Razor and love it, but think it's time to try something different in the mix. Just hard to get my head around a very light weight razor and how it compares to the Heavy SS Razors also...
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    Timeless Stainless Razors

    I am so tempted by the titanium version, have you compared it's shave against the stainless steel version? Andy
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    Buying mistakes, particularly new DE users

    Exactly!! I love the fact that there are so many different things to try in this hobby/obsession that it never gets boring and you're never going to lose your house over any bad choices made (well, not just yet, anyway!!). My latest great discovery is an old Red Tip using a Feather, beautiful...
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    Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

    Hi, I'm pretty sure Dunhill Icon (silver bottle) would fit your needs. Is pretty long lasting has a really nice woody peppery smell, very classy. They also do the gift set containing aftershave balm and shower gel with 100ml of eau de parfum for £44 on it also comes with a shaving...
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    Timeless Ti68 first impressions

    Thank you for that, now it looks like the choice is down to price and which I think is the "prettiest"!! Andy