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    Alden v. Mephisto

    Alden every day and twice on Sunday
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    straight razor will not cut whiskers

    Learning to hone is a skill acquired over time always practice honing on blades that you can afford to forgo. Sounds like you may have dulled the edge in the process. You also need a finishing stone or paste CrO2 IMO works very well. Or just send it to be honed
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    How many shave brushes do you own?

    My ad stopped at 7. One / day of week
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    What are YOUR fashion pet peeves?

    My fashion peeves Tassel loafers or as I call it (shoes with testicles) No belt with tucked shirt cell phone clip on belt button down shirts with a suit skinny jeans pants below the butt line
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    Where do we go from here?

    When you start collecting str8s you will also need to learn how to hone. My advice buy a norton 4k /8k and a finishing stone Chinese 12k and CrO2 pasted Strop. Get a a cheap blade from eBay and honing practice on it first. Do not try to learn on your nicer str8s.
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    A few brief questions for you

    Str8 only and maintain them - I used my one and only DE after a very very very long time and quickly recalled how much better my str8s shave. The str8 shave is far better and with enough practice quicker than the DE
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    Are Simpson Chubby brushes worth the money?

    The Chubby 3 is the best brush I have ever used and I have used quite a few in my time! Some may say too big but those people have small hands ;)
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    Are Simpson Chubby brushes worth the money?

    yes! oui! si! uh uh!!
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    Is there any reason to go beyond the Simpson's Chubby 1?

    Contrary to trends that have emerged where people prefer smaller brushes (I am still at a loss why?)... I would never want to use any brush smaller than 24mm knot size / small lofts The chubby 1 handle would be too small to hold comfortably and lather CHubby 2 is better ... but Chubby 3 is...
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    The coolest looking brush handle you own

    this one for the craftsmenship of the handle
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    Newbie shaving injury

    THis is actually the most common faux pas with beginners. In in an effort to not cut their face no attention is paid to the where the blade is in relation to the hands... and whamo!!. you get serious cut on your fingers. No worries this too shall pass. Be aware of the blade at all times. And do...
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    How closely should (must?) belt color match shoe color?

    The fashion police will scream holy murder at this but I really do not think that your belt must match your shoes wear black with brown, beige with black whatever floats your boat.
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    Simpson by Vulfix - A Report Card

    The new 2 band brushes are winners. I really like my 2 band chubby 2 :thumbup:
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    Most Under & Over Valued Straights?

    The Filarmonica is overpriced in IMO
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    FYI: Shaving Scuttle Mug (G5)

    Coupon code does not work on checkout
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