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    Well, the list isn't long, but: Inactive List: - Merkur Vision - Merkur Futur (Hoffritz-branded version) - Gillette Aristocrat (U.S. 1947-8) - Gillette Aristocrat (U.K. 1953) - Gillette Super Adjustable (1973) Active List: - Parker Variant - Parker A1R As you can see, my general bias is...
  2. amateriat

    REX Ambassador review and adjustables in general

    Now that is interesting. Haven't had a peep of trouble with my "all-original" Variant so far, and it shaves so well as-is I can't say I'm tempted to try this, but it's cool to know I could. I did try the Rex as part of the Pass-Around, and while I think it's a fantastic razor in terms of fit...
  3. amateriat

    Edgewell To Close Personna in Israel

    Perhaps "were", but it's likely a case of YMMV: I've been using Cromas in both my Parker Variant and Parker A1R Travel razor, with really good results.
  4. amateriat

    Parker Variant problems

    Agree with Invicta that it sounds like a problem with the spring; my Variant is a bit newer than yours and the spring is quite robust (keeping everything snugly in-place, including the adjustment setting, which was something I actually found a bit lacking in the Rex Ambassador when I reviewed...
  5. amateriat

    Parker Slant Razor

    Whew…not in the market for a slant of any sort (sez he, followed by a B&B chorus shouting "Lies!"), but coming on the heels of the Variant, this is quite interesting to see and hear about. Parker's going from strength to strength lately.
  6. amateriat

    Help me like my Parker Variant

    This is quite interesting: I just wrapped up my shot at the Rex Ambassador US Tour pass around... versus my Variant. I was bracing myself for the Ambassador to wipe the floor with the Variant, and was quite surprised that it didn't happen. And I don't do a deep dive on the aggressiveness scale...
  7. amateriat

    Croma Diamant?

    Pasteur gets $1.50 per five-pack, and there wasn't a break for getting a whole box of 'em, so I wouldn't call these bargain-basement priced. But for the convenience of a quick brick-n-mortar pickup (as well as supporting the folks in the shop, who are quite pleasant to work with), I can deal.
  8. amateriat

    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    After giving them a go, off-and-on, for a year in my Parker Variant, I walked into Pasteur Pharmacy while in Gotham yesterday and walked out with a 100-pack (20 five-packs) of Croma Diamants. They've really worked for me, and I was lucky to just be able to walk in and grab 'em in quantity. I...
  9. amateriat

    Croma Diamant?

    Yes, I'm lighting a fire under this dormant pit on account of finally deciding to pick up a 100-pack of these, but only after dallying with individual five-packs for the better part of a year. I will say these blades are a tad quirky – they start of feeling like they won't do all that amazing a...
  10. amateriat

    Parker Variant: Long(ish)-term Review

    The Continuing Adventures Of… While my name rests patiently down the list of participants on the Rex Ambassador US Tour pass around..., I'm having a ball exploring the limits and possibilities of my still-number-one-with-a-bullet Parker Variant. This time, I want to talk about what might–might...
  11. amateriat

    My Ultimate Wetshaving Upgrade?

    Sorry for the late reply: We're in Asbury Park/Monmouth County. Water here is certainly harder then I recall in Manhattan or Brooklyn (though perhaps a bit lighter on the chlorine level, subjectively speaking).
  12. amateriat

    Shaving daily Vs. Shaving every other day

    It really, really depends, as others have said. For me, after years of sorting out the ideal combo of gear and technique, my best shaves are done on an every-other-day schedule. Going daily is generally just a bit harsh on my mug; going two days straight sans shave can lead to odd nicks here and...
  13. amateriat

    $50 To Spend

    The View From Here: Parker Variant adjustable, about $7-9 above budget, likely works swell with numerous blades (at least from my experience, having tried KAI, Croma, Astra Superior Stainless). After numerous razors, vintage and modern, this is my solid daily-driver.
  14. amateriat

    Looking For Suggestions On A Razor

    As a fellow Variant partisan: when I took off for a month-long trip to Europe (Vienna/Salzburg/Prague/London), I bought a Parker A1R Travel razor with a pack of KAI blades and a tube of D.R. Harris Arlington shave cream (wanted the shave stick, but couldn't find it in time). Loved the setup...
  15. amateriat

    Close vs. Enjoyable

    This is a very tricky question, naturally. "Naturally", on account of the subjectivity of the experience: so many variables (prep/brush [or not]/razor [anything short of electric, at least in regard to this forum]/cream/soap/blades [where/if applicable]/post-shave treatment), and therefore so...