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    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Don't give up on that stone which might excel with a different razor. The stones are teaching us, not use teaching them. Experiment with other steels and technique. Alx
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    Honing with tape

    Tom Any idea how they did hone them? The full wedges are the biggest challenge as I end up honing 95% bevel and 5% edge. Alx
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    Microscope Images Thread

    At 300x this is what I see after bevel setting on a 1000 grit King or a 500 grit Shapton or from a 1200 Atoma. Straight full from edge to base of bevel striations and a ragged edge of folded steel representing the edge of the razor. It does not matter which steel from what stone although some...
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    Jnat slurry colour change

    First & second photo same blade and stone leaving etched pattern, the third photos different stone that left a simple foggy kasumi pattern without the etched effect even if the slurry was left on the blade. Alx
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    Jnat slurry colour change

    I have observed this same reaction of stone slurry, black swarf and steel staining. Alx
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    Choosing which sides of the Tomo

    The opposite side to the kawa skin.
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    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Here is my photo from a couple of years ago. Alx
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    Questions on using a jnat

    Stropping technique could bring your blade to the next level of keenness. Do your final strop passes with the same light touch as your last session of honing strokes. Keep in mind that your edge, that 10 micron piece of steel at the very edge is fragile, it will stand up to your beard hair, but...
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    Questions on using a jnat

    I like John's advice and the others about going higher on the synthetic progression, and Stefan, I think he dunked it on the spot. Do your regular honing without the Jnat, get it shave ready and then turn it into a Jnat edge by fiddling around. Just a few strokes on a whisper of slurry with your...
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    How Many Laps With Water Only On Japanese Natural Stone

    I am always reading however. There is so much experience related in almost every posting, I hardly have anything to add. Alx
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    How Many Laps With Water Only On Japanese Natural Stone

    Well put professor. I like to let the stone do some of the talking too, just a whisper. Alx
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    How would you hone it?

    I myself would enjoy the steel more or less as it sits, hone it up to a shaveable degree using 2 layers of Kapton tape from start to finish and refresh the second layer of tape during the session as needed. If it were mine, and I have razors like this that do not have the full width shavable, I...
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    Sanding Screens for flattening stones?

    Funny how a question on Sanding Screen turns into a discussion on honing technique. I have been using Sanding Screens for about 6 months now and highly recommend them. Even on the hardest stones they are very effective. Also they lay flat and don't move around without any adhesive on a tile...
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