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  1. Altonius

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Red tip Super Speed and Feather
  2. Altonius

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    It’ll be one year of shaving next week. After waves of irritation battles, I FINALLY understand razor and blade pairing! Preshave Soap: Glyce Soap: B&M Cologne Russe Brush: SJoL super badger Razor: Gillette Red-Tip Super Speed 1955 Blade: Feather (1) Alum AS: B&M Cologne Russe Aveda face...
  3. Altonius

    King Gillette Weekend

    Fatboy 1961 Feather (3) PAA CaD barbershop A/S RazoRock XXX
  4. Altonius

    Join Us for the Badger & Blade July 4th Cookout

    Bought a new Weber propane grill Friday to suit my new house. Broke her in yesterday by smoking baby back ribs for 5 hours. Complimented with grilled sweet corn and a root beer. No BBQ sauce required
  5. Altonius

    All Moved In!

    Recently moved into a larger house with my first master bathroom and very own sink. The SWMBO is even letting me hang my razor and brush pictures by the shower! It feels nice to have the collection displayed on one shelf. Now it feels like home. Pick yer poison!
  6. Altonius

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    King C. Gillette (10) About time toss it
  7. Altonius

    King C. Gillette razor

    Wow @THall what an explanation! That’s why I keep alum block at the sink. Even the best knurling is slippery after wiping good lather from your hand. One swipe on the block and my hands are as sticky as Adam Thielen’s.
  8. Altonius

    King C. Gillette razor

    I’m four shaves in with mine, and I really, really like it. Works best with less than 2 days growth. Shaving on 4 days growth left me feeling like I hadn’t shaved for a day (3 passes)! However, incredibly smooth feel on my face with great audible feedback. Finally a DFS this morning and I’ll bet...
  9. Altonius

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    After 2 months of enjoying my new silvertip badgers, my old Semogue 1250 boar is softer and loads soap easier.
  10. Altonius

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Out of this world! Prep: hot shower with Glyce preshave soap Soap: B&M 42 (bowl lather) Brush: Shore Shave silvertip 26mm? Razor: Gillette New Standard 1921 Blade: Kai (3) Warm rinse Alum Cold rinse AS: B&M 42 New soap, new brush, and new aftershave. The intergalactic scent was floral and...
  11. Altonius

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Tomorrow’s shave will be out of this world! The AS truly compliments the soap. Good work, Will!
  12. Altonius

    Disapppointing scent: TOBS Sandalwood

    Haha! My wife thinks it smells like nursing home. I PIF’d it, kept the wooden bowl, and replaced it with Jermyn Street.
  13. Altonius

    Mamba May! (1/2 GRUME)

    Mamba May 28th Fantastic shave!!! A few days ago I had such bad irritation causing a short break. 2.75 days growth and the shave was outstanding today. Still trying to figure out why. Is the angle just that particular? Glyce preshave soap Mamba 70 Kai (6) Thater 24mm 2-band silvertip B&M...
  14. Altonius

    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Bargained my first 3-band silvertip from auction site. Unbelievably soft tips, even compared to my 2-band Thater. This thing is way bigger than expected, but I love the geometry of the huge handle. Now I have a trendy 28-30mm knot. Splayed incredibly after a soak and test lather. Bottom coin...
  15. Altonius

    Is it worth trying a Yaqi Tuxedo brush?

    I’m a boar and silvertip guy, but I own one Yaqi tuxedo for traveling. It’s supposed to have a 53mm loft but I think the knot was glued a few mm short. Takes a little extra effort to splay but super soft with decent backbone. Been able to lather any soap effortlessly. The bristles softened and...
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