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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    progress - 7oclock Yellow.. dayum
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    Money not a thought - what is best Balm

    if money is no issue, why aren't you just buying?! Self discovery dear chap
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    WTT: RR For Chicago

    nice restraint... bhahaha
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    What did you learn from your last shave?

    I haven't made it to my last shave yet.. ***
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    What Pinaud Clubman Should I Try First?

    Original is pretty good.. i like to mix slightly with water in my palm. Smells like baby wipes to some people, but really is a sporting scent to me. I'd also go for the BayRum. It's awesome IMO. I cut that too. Smells like atomic fireballs basically.
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    Rapira double edge blades going very cheap on eBay.

    Platinum Lux and Sputnik Teflons are very nice IMO... however, the Gillette Platinum (NOT the silver blue) in the white/blue box is tops for me nowadays...
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    What's involved in making a brush?

    The whole project is either making your own handle or trying to figure out how to get the old knot out of the vintage(or not) handle without destroying the handle. Really not as interesting as I had hoped. Maybe I need to make a handle.
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    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Was gifted some Kenya Kiamariga.. expensive stuff that smells better than any bean I've had. Tastes great. I need an AEROPRESS!
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    Merkur DE blades

    My lineup will always have the Merkur blade in it for use in my Flare Tip. I love trading for Merkurs.. and I have many high quality blades in my lineup. ... "no nicks and no weepers" says it all... These are from Solingen Germany for crying out loud.
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    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

    Perez Carrillo La Historia - nice
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    So I want to start exploring whisky.

    Buffalo Trace is good.. haven't had it with that label though. I would open it immediately.
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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Flare tip - Sputnik teflon
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    Voskhod blades?

    These blades are ok. They only last me 3 shaves(two of which are performed on a fresh edge meaning on the 3rd shave I use both edges- usually only use them for 2 shaves) and don't get much use anymore because while I thought they were pretty smooth when I got them I now know they are low on the...
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    OK, I'm Starting To Get Really Upset

    Please don't buy coffee from a second hand store... the beans go bad sitting on the shelf at the original store.. common people..
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    The search for a new brush begins

    It might sound extreme to you, but taking one of your brushes and yanking the knot out is a good idea.. simply epoxy or silicone in a new knot from the golden nib.. The knots from that place are affordable and easy to put in. You might need to clean out the brush opening after taking out the...