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    100 Derby's $7.93 Free shipping

    Thanks for the link. I ordered mine.
  2. Aloxite

    How do you stabilize wood?

    Nah, shellac's worst enemy is alcohol. :001_smile With a French polish you end up with very little shellac on the wood. That is what's so nice about the process I briefly outlined. The Tung oil is something that is soaked into the wood. Then it crosslinks and hardens the wood into a...
  3. Aloxite

    How do you stabilize wood?

    I was thinking about doing a modified version of a finish that I normally use. I used a mixture of 50% pure Tung Oil and 50% mineral oil. That mix will soak into wood, the mineral spirits helping the tung oil in deeper. I was thinking that I could throw the wood and some of that mixture in a...
  4. Aloxite

    How do you stabilize wood?

    I've seen some references to stabilized wood. But I'm not sure how this is accomplished. I've seen the mention of CA which to my mind means cyanoacrylate aka super glue. Anyone want to clue me in here? Regards, Aloxite
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    How do you heal your skin after a bad shave?

    I haven't tried the splash but I give the Musgo Real Balm high marks for healing. Good stuff.
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    What is hardest part of straight shaving?

    The hardest part is admitting that you have a problem.:blink: I really don't need to buy every straight I want. I can get get along with only a couple of well honed straights (in theory.)
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    1st Tabac purchase... EDC or EDT?

    I prefer the EdT to the EdC. I also have a bottle of vintage EdC and I prefer that to the current EdC. Personally I'd skip the current EdC. I'd buy the soap, the aftershave and the EdT.
  8. Aloxite

    CAD?Cologne Aquisition Disorder?

    It gets worse. Wait until you are buying bottles of Penhaligons.
  9. Aloxite

    New Aftershaves

    I may have to try Pashana. I smoke a pipe. I like the smell.
  10. Aloxite

    Guillermo Hoppe

    I picked up a Guillermo Hoppe 14 on ebay as well. So far it is my best shaving razor. It is a J. A. Henckels marked razor. Pictures are in this thread. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=167987
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    Only One of Each: Brush, Soap/Cream/Razor/Blade/AS

    J. A. Henckels 6/8" full hollow ground, spike point straight Vintage EverReady 500pb reknotted with a TGN 20mm Fan shaped Super Badger Tabac shave soap (prefer to superlather with Tabac cream but the soap is the important part) Alt-Innsbruck Cologne/Aftershave
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    OldCarGuy's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Any chance you could post some pictures of the White Steamer? I got to see a Stanley Steamer locally that is owned by a guy that hosts an antique power show. Pretty neat rigs. Right now the oldest car I own is a '49 Plymouth. But every time I buy another car it is older.
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    A Tabac Kind of Day...

    I finally completed my Tabac collection. Shave cream. Shave soap in dish. Aftershave. Colognes (new and vintage.) EdT. Hair cream. :w00t:
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    I hate wearing a tie!

    I guess I don't have that much of a neck beard. I enjoy wearing a tie. I've got a dozen or so from the art museum gift shop. The women get to come over and admire my artsy ties and smell my cologne or EdT. Now I just need to pick up a pocket watch since we're getting into three piece suit...
  15. Aloxite

    Shave Den suggestions when building a house

    I'd consider a cabinet with a glass door for the straights. I'd put something inside to dehumidify such as a Goldenrod or just put a 25 watt light bulb that always stays on.