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Recent content by allawd

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    Lane 1-Q

    I'm not a fan of aros, but 1Q is very pleasant. It's not typically my preference, but I do keep an ounce around.
  2. A

    A caveman and his pipe

    I have that same problem from time to time. Best learn to catch the warning signs and stop before it gets that far. Nice thing of a pipe is that you can set it down for a good long time and pick right back up later. Also any sugar will help. I usually drink a soda while smoking now and have a...
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    Lamy Safari Arrived: Is What I'm Experiencing Normal?

    I agree. I've only had a couple Lamy Safaris, but both are on the dry side compared with other pens. They also seemed to dry out faster, which is why I really don't ink them much anymore.
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    Help buying a pipe, new/used

    I'd also suggest Savinelli or Stanwell if you want to be pretty certain of a good pipe. The cheaper Petersons can be very good, but I'd suggest in person inspection if you want to buy one of those. Same for Parkers and Italian basket pipes.
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    The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread

    The wax just made that pipe complete. Great work!
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    Fountain Pens

    I can affirm. My lady has an interest in the pens, very much more expensive than the ones I own. But, that's not the worst part...She has little interest in using them regularly to prevent drying out and lots of interest in having me refill, clean, and maintenance them.
  7. A

    Tobacquisitions for July 2014

    Finally fell victim to CigarBid looking for a cheap 5-pack...several unplanned bids later and my <$20 planned order turned into: 5 Ghurka Beauty XO 1 Natural Ltd. Irish Hops 1 Acid Ltd. Def Sea 1 Nub 358 Cameroon 1 Tin of Cuban Honeys
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    Fess up. Cherry. Who smokes it?

    After the ordeal of getting the cherry ghost out of a set of estate pipes, I don't know that I could personally ever do that to briar.
  9. A

    Looking for a good Latakia

    You were not alone. I had never heard of SOTE even after it was spelled out I didn't recognize it. I've heard of every tobacco on the actual acronym list. Certainly doesn't seem to get discussed/recommended much.
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    Tobacco Types and Your Picks

    Aromatic - tried many, haven't found one I like much Latakia - Magnum Opus, my favorite category! Virginia - Christmas Cheer VaPar - like it, but have only tried a couple, too much nic for me Burley - irritates my throat, I think it does leave a lingering cigarette smell, but not while smoking.
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    Pipe Restorations with Pictures

    It's fun to try, but in the end was not my thing. I did get a couple of my best smoking pipes for cheap, so I'm happy about that. I'm more than impressed by those that have the time and skills to do a good job.
  12. A

    Sabina Santos. Crazy pipe maker

    I have a ...wait uh I mean, very nice looking pipemaker.
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    Best Low Cost Black ink

    Fixes nib creep for this particular ink. No such problems with this one. If I did 1:1, then I might see feathering.
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    Best Low Cost Black ink

    This is my main ink also. I dilute it 2:1 in distilled water and there's no discernible loss of blackness.
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    Looking for a good Latakia

    A couple of my favorites are H&H Larry's Blend, H&H Magnum Opus There are others, but they may fall in the too sweet category.
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