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    Gillette Platinum - Where Have You Been?

    Amazing, so I am in good company then on this one.
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    Gillette Platinum - Where Have You Been?

    Got a pack of these in a mixed bundle, tried one in my R41. Amazing. Probably best DE shave yet. Smooth, sharp. I use Gillette yellows normally but I am a convert. Are these a well kept secret? I don't seem them being mentioned on here.
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    Cold water splash to close the pores.

    The cold bit is almost the best bit after using Proraso green
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    What shave stick did you use today?

    I got some Lea sticks recently in Spain. First shave was excellent. Got the cream too but yet to try that.
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    How many blades are too many?

    To be fair I change the blade weekly. So 7 shaves. Feels a bit lame in comparison to the masters of economy on here.
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    Vodka as Aftershave?

    I found kahlua very soothing
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    What caused you to switch to wet shaving (DE, SE, straight)?

    Shaving was boring and the cartridges were expensive. Literally that. I was also sat home with a broken collarbone and internet access.
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    Shaving frequency and irritation

    I also think it depends on the razor. My 34c is great for daily the R41 less so
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    Difference between Parker SR1 and SRX?

    There is a bit of a price difference too
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    Just a handful of sand and a bar of soap
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    Shavette blade options

    Looking to get a Parker SRX but when looking at single blade options they seem to be very limited. I know you can snap a DE blade in half but if you want the longer blade it seems to be just derby, lord or Shark that I can find. Am I missing something?
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    Thinking about going to see KISS

    Saw them in 99 and then in 2016 and Paul Stanley's voice had deteriorated significantly. I actually felt embarrassed for him. There are loads of videos showing his poor vocals online. There has been a lot said about them recently using a vocal track to support him. I loved kiss but hate what...
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    Yet another Merkur 34C thread.

    After moving on to the R41 I definitely appreciate the 34C. I love them both but the smooth nature of the merkur is wonderful
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    Mühle R41, you are fired.

    It's taken me a long time to get to grips with the R41. Before that I had only used a 34C but now I know how to work together with the razor I love it. I do think it's very blade dependent. Gillette Yellows or Astra work best for me.
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    How often do you shower

    Doesn't the body start to clean itself after a few weeks
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