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  1. Alie

    Tea Drinkers- What do you start your day with?

    My favorite is Milk Oolong, I like to start my day with it and beautiful classical music. My latest musical discovery was a cd called "Pavane", by Maxim Rysanov, found by me at eclassical.com. There are so many compositions of my fasvorite french composers like Debussy, Dubugnon, Faure and...
  2. Alie

    What are you listening to?

    Actually I prefer classical music. Right now I'm listening to a new disk called "Pavane", by Maxim Rysanov, which I've recently found at eclassical.com. The record includes compositions of Claude Debussy, Richard Dubugnon, Gabriel Faure and Maurice Ravel.
  3. Alie

    What Are You Reading?

    John Templeton "Discovering Laws of Life"
  4. Alie

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    “A year ago in winter” by Caroline Link. Very interesting, but sad movie… Still worth watching as for me…