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Recent content by Alejandro1969

  1. Alejandro1969

    Battle of the bargain blades!

    I usually avoid Indian blades but the Euromax Platinum gave me an outstanding shave in my Fatip testina gentile. A winner!
  2. Alejandro1969

    Show us your razors!

    One face, but a million razors!
  3. Alejandro1969

    Show us your razors!

    With so many razors on the market over the last decade it's hard not to get bamboozled with choice. This is my razor block, handmade and crude but it does the job! The Razor Block, sounds like Razorock! You can see that all the holes are occupied except for one! What will fill that down the...
  4. Alejandro1969

    The Fatip Testina Gentile is a DE89 Killer!

    Hello gents, hope you're all well. As you can see, curiosity got the better of me and I had to order a Fatip Testina Gentile in gold no less. Now, I already own a Piccolo, Grande, (both of which are OC) and a recent addition to the Fatip family, the Lo Storto slant, which I cannot praise highly...
  5. Alejandro1969

    Fatip Lo Storto OC Slant - Review

    Well gents, I just had to try the Fatip Lo Storto (the crooked) as I always wanted a slant. I had my first shave with it today and what a shave it was. I'd a BSS in three passes, it's as close as a Muhle R41 without the roughness, and as close as a Muhle R94 Rocco without the price! While my...
  6. Alejandro1969

    Vintage Razor Adverts

    I was flicking through a Readers Digest from the 50s when I saw this wonderful advert for Gillette Superspeed. Does anyone else have any from old magazines and not from Google as that’s cheatibg! Aftershave adverts welcome too!
  7. Alejandro1969


    Damn! It’s like a store window!
  8. Alejandro1969


    Holy Sheeeeeed! What a selection! Silly question but does soap and cream expire? I’ve a tub of Cella since 2012 but it’s gone all lumpy. I used it a lot from 2012 to pretty recently as it seems to last forever. Looks like it got a little water logged. The scent is almost gone too. It’s an...
  9. Alejandro1969


    I love looking at shave dens! Bring ‘em on!
  10. Alejandro1969


    Hello again! This is a review of the Muhle R94 Rocco that I posted on Shaving.ie after using it for the first time last night! Hope you enjoy reading it! Now in late 2020 did I need a new razor? No. Absolutely no. But while I was on holidays I was browsing this site to see if there was anything...
  11. Alejandro1969


    It’s an R94 Rocco all stainless. CNC job. The handles also come in birch rings and black chrome or something. I only learned about these last week and I’ve never had a SS only brass Fatips and cast metal R41!
  12. Alejandro1969


    It’s December 31 and somebody’s right here is pretty happy after just receiving some new shave goodies from Shaving.ie!!! The Muhle Rocco is stunning in reality. I can’t wait to shave with this new gear!
  13. Alejandro1969

    Wilkinson Sword Double Edge TTO

    Hi everyone, It's been over 5 years since I've been on here! Unbelievable really, but I haven't returned to cart shaving, I'm still a big DE man and it's only recently I decided to buy some new stuff. I've been using Fatip OC and Muhle R41 since 2012 and mainly Proraso soaps and balms. I'm...
  14. Alejandro1969

    The Worst Blade

  15. Alejandro1969

    SWMBO drops a bombshell.

    I don't like this SWMBO thing, it's more IWWBO (I who will be obeyed) in my book! A man should not care what a woman thinks, whiskers or no whiskers! If you enjoy shaving with your new stuff, enjoy it, I do, but I wouldn't worry what a woman thinks!!!
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