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  1. Al Bundy

    Recommend Something New For Me

    As you like lime and also T&H then their West Indian Limes would be a good choice. I know you said no TOBS but have you tried their new Lime Zest? I bought it recently and am loving it
  2. Al Bundy

    Kent Infinity Brush .....

    I have one of those small Kent Infinity Silvertex brushes. It's a pretty good brush but I did find that due to it's small size getting it to splay on the face was a bit more challenging than with a larger brush such as my Yaqi Tuxedo, though the Yaqi is larger. The tips, whilst not harsh, are...
  3. Al Bundy

    Good morning from a wet Monday in Manchester, UK.

    Greetings from the Midlands Nobody from Manchester supports Man Utd! Lol
  4. Al Bundy

    Gillette - 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (Yellow Pack)

    When I switched to DE from carts my first blades were the ones that came with my razor and were not great performers to me. Following advice here I tried a blade sampler and the first one out was the 7 o'clock yellow. Since then I have not looked back and they have become my favourite blade...
  5. Al Bundy

    Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations

    Phoenix & Beau Albion is grapefruity
  6. Al Bundy

    TOBS creams about to be discontinued

    I thought Platinum was one of the more recent ones from just a couple of years ago?
  7. Al Bundy

    UK PIF - Gillette razor, Tabac soap, blades, boar brush, Shulton Old Spice and.... a nice bottle.

    I'm in. Based in UK and have been curious about vintage razors for a while :)
  8. Al Bundy

    Gillette 7 O'clock Super Stainless (green) - VS - Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge (yellow)

    When I began DE shaving the yellow was the 2nd blade I ever tried from a blade sampler. It became my favourite and I've yet to find a blade that matches it.
  9. Al Bundy

    Nivea 2-Phase Aftershave Lotion

    I love this product but when I came to buy more recently couldn't find it anywhere. Ironically the last one I bought, not so long ago, had the word "new" on the box so going to be a bit naff if it's been discontinued
  10. Al Bundy

    Using a soap stick

    As soon as I've tried them I will 😁
  11. Al Bundy

    Using a soap stick

    Wet your face as normal. Dip the stick in water and rub on stubble then work into lather with brush. Tbh I've not heard of a bad shave stick so far. Worthy of special mention are Palmolive (ridiculously cheap and brilliant scent & performance) and Tabac (not as cheap but still brilliant)...
  12. Al Bundy

    TOBS Sandalwood Shave Cream. Wow!

    Of those the only one I have is the Peppermint but I really like it Performance wise I'd say most TOBS creams are very similar and this is one is just as good as you'd expect if you're a fan. The scent is unmistakably Peppermint. And it's s icy cold! Brilliant during summer time I do want to...
  13. Al Bundy

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Purchases for January (+100 Gillette 7 o'clock yellows I forgot to put in pic). It may be an expensive 2021 at this rate 😳
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