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    Welcome, porkpiehat

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Verawood, Walnut, Black Walnut

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing them with us.
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    Spalted Maple kit....

    Very nice, interesting lines on the handle.
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    Maple with a knot.

    Very nice and an interesting shape. Does it stand on its base? It looks pretty rounded.
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    Mystery of the Self-Destructing Blade

    I agree with Big, strange, very strange.
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    Beautiful packaging, lovely colour scheme. The condition of the blades is a tragedy.
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    Proraso Preshave half empty is normal?

    I’m glad that is going to be rectified. Definitely not normal.
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    Gillette Traveler no 4

    Very nice razor set. Congratulations.
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    Vintage gillette razor off eBay

    Great razor, enjoy it. I used one a few weeks ago. Great shaves. As mentioned by others, wash it is dishwashing detergent with a toothbrush and then if you must a little dip in alcohol. Never boil them, you will take the plating off. Believe me , I know.
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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Nice brushes Gents, I really need to get back into this thread more often. The only trouble is, I feel like a need more brushes when I visit back in here.
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    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    Very nice Mike, congratulations. It cleaned up like ”new”.
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    Gillette Thermometer!

    Very cool thermometer. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Trying to Identify German Razor

    Sorry I have nothing but it is a cool looking razor. Love the handle.
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    New things learned

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Love to hear when progress is made.
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    vartik's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome to the Hall of Fame Jan, very happy to have you here.