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    Ammo giveaway giving away a bulk pack of 223.
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    Where to get cookware set?

    I had a set, but I find there are pots and pans that I do not use, and others I would like to have multiples of. I really like my caphalon SS tri ply pots, and have purchased several in the past couple of years, but I have now purchased the ones that I want, and not purchased others.
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    Work Boot Help (Mill Operators?)

    I have had great luck with Dr. Martins steel toe shoes and the boots pictured above. I was a Supervisor in a large machine shop, so my shoes were exposed to coolant, chips etc. Then went to a fabrication area walking on hot slag and the like, I never wore a pair of soles out. I would also...
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    Any Pilots?

    I am a Pilot and a Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. Graduated Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. I learned to fly in High school and soloed before I had a drivers license.
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    Where In the World Am I?

    Looks Right to me
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    Any of you gents love dogs?

    When I went to College my parents got a Scotty they named Mac. When I home in the summers, and breaks, I spent a lot of time working with him, and he quickly became more obedient to me than my parents. When I got out of school we shared "joint custody" When my parents went out of town, Mac...
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    Any other semi-Luddites?

    I have a friend who lives in a small town it is 40 miles each way to the nearest bookstore. Her local library is also relatively small and it takes a long time to get books ordered in. She and her Husband are avid reader and recovered the cost of her kindle in 4 months in savings from lack of...
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    Where In the World Am I?

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    Where In the World Am I?

    Yep, Private pilot as well, too bad I don't do much flying or wrenching these days.
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    Senate Bill 1147

    Here you go, it looks like Bin laden is to blame. :scared:
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    Where In the World Am I?

    Liberator's were pretty prolific in the Pacific theater. How about Palau
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    Where In the World Am I?

    Well at least I narrowed it down to a vast swath of the Ocean
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    Going to Prom

    Be sure to smear some vicks (or LV)under your nose to block out the Axe smell
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    iPod-what's your top 5 songs?

    Boats to Build---Alan Jackson, George Straight, Jimmy Buffett Redemption Song---Bob Marley Toes--- Zac Brown Band Black Velvet Band --- Dropkick Murphys Banana Republics --- Jimmy Buffett
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    Where In the World Am I?

    On a Island or Continent?
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