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    Den Clearing (creams- AOS and more, brushes- Thater and more, razors- oneblade, leaf, carts

    Hi! Interested in the Leafs - been a LONG time since I've purchased or listed on the BST. Let me know what preferred method of payment is these days. =)
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    Beard Help - Huge Swirl, Uneven Neckline.

    lol --- I might be there too. I have a spot right in the middle of my chin that doesn't grow anything and that killer swirl. I've never let it get out more than half an inch (mainly because of the swirl). Its super thick (besides that spot on my chin!), so I dunno.
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    Beard Help - Huge Swirl, Uneven Neckline.

    Thanks guys - I'm definitely going to let it grow for a while more before I start to really try and trim it up. Since this is the longest I've gone, I don't know what my "natural" pattern or growth will look like. Have some wax on the way --- might help keep it in check while it continues to grow!
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    Forum/Site to Trade Balm and Wax?

    Thanks, Jim. I think we are limited to only one post there every 2 weeks, so have to wait a bit.
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    Beard Help - Huge Swirl, Uneven Neckline.

    Ok folks. I have grown a few beards, and this is the point where I always say "screw it" and shave it off. And here is why - my beard A) grows sideways under my chin, and B) makes a huge swirl. The effect is that it looks like I royally screwed up my neckline. NOTE, that my neckline is...
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    Forum/Site to Trade Balm and Wax?

    Hello all! Is anyone aware of another site where (like B&B) where folks trade product? Did a search on the BST and haven't seen ANY listing for balms or waxes, and I would love to trade these out with someone who is also experimenting with different products. Thanks in advance!
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    User grade Flare Tip Superspeed

    PM sent.
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    For Sale: Beginner Setup

    Wow - if this one doesn't sell, mine doesn't stand a chance! Almost worth the price of the brush alone.
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    Starter kit - or just a good excuse to try some different stuff!

    ***Read through a couple of other listings - have adjusted my listing to be more in line with other offerings. =) Now for $40 Hello all! So, what I have attempted to put together is (what I think) a great kit for someone starting out, or has been going for a while and would just like to try...
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    Morris and Forndran, Please help

    Just came across a thread at TSN. Wow.
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    Morris and Forndran, Please help

    LOVE these brushes... I ordered way too many from him. Guy is a craftsman.
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    Kansas City get together

    Im pretty flexible on weekends, save a few dates. July would be best, though. You've seen my gear, and I havent gotten anything new--- been out of it! As for food, well now your talking!!! I'll contribute for burghers or brats!
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    Morris & Forndran Brush

    Been slackin on the beer and bbq too... =(
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    Morris & Forndran Brush

    Wait... Have I been gone so long that I missed a M&F group buy?!?!!!
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