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  1. Aerodyne

    Time to Buy a Camera

    I had considered it since the kit was going for $350 after it was discontinued, but it was just too small for my hands. I'm mostly interested in nature and street photography, but I'd expect to try just about anything. Also, SWMBO is a plant taxonomist, and I'd probably take some shots of...
  2. Aerodyne

    Time to Buy a Camera

    Since I've been favoring Proraso for the past few months, I'd say it would go a long way! :w00t: Yeah, I've had a good track record so far, but I'm sure my time is coming. :thumbdown I'm just having a hard time warming up to the Rebel series, the bodies seem too insubstantial. It's probably...
  3. Aerodyne

    Time to Buy a Camera

    I'm currently running Photoshop 7, and I think I have CS4 kicking around too, but I haven't had a use for either for a while. Also, I took a digital photo class last year at uni, and am in a photography for biologists course now, which is what got me interested again. The changing technology...
  4. Aerodyne

    Time to Buy a Camera

    So, I've decided to get into photography. I've been shopping around and am fairly certain I want to go with Canon, and that's about it. I originally learned on a Canon 10D, and, seeing their prices on the used market, I'm tempted to go with that or maybe a 20D. However, I also work at an...
  5. Aerodyne

    yet another Penhaligon's question

    I can't speak for the soaps, but the fragrances are both quite different from each other, and most other modern fragrances. BB is a variation on the traditional citrus cologne with added pepper and pine, while EF is pure barbershop nostalgia (SWMBO says "Shockingly soapy!"). Hope that helps...
  6. Aerodyne

    CLOSED.B&B Glencairn Whisky Glasses, do you want one?

    I'd definitely prefer the logo without the URL.
  7. Aerodyne

    CLOSED.B&B Glencairn Whisky Glasses, do you want one?

    I'm down for one. I'm currently sipping whisky from either a short tumbler or a cheap "brandy" snifter from World Market. I'd also buy some pint glasses, should they ever come around!
  8. Aerodyne

    It's orphan time again!!!

    From the looks of it, nobody has claimed #30. Methinks it would look nice on my countertop, though. SOLD!
  9. Aerodyne

    My recent Craigslist score

    Is there a drooling smiley? I wish I had room for a grill. . . EDIT: :o16: There it is. Seriously, I'm feeling all tingly now.
  10. Aerodyne

    Good deal on Tabac

    I did the same; surely there's no better way to waste the extra $3!
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  12. Aerodyne

    Barbershop Scent

    Unfortunately, my barbershop nostalgia is quite limited, but Pen's English Fern and Murray/Lanman Florida water are both top contenders, IMO (probably the clove).
  13. Aerodyne

    Truefitt and Hill Lavender Scent

    I've been on the lookout for a nice lavender myself, so I'll give you a breakdown of what I have. Guerlain's Mouchoir de Monsieur or Jicky might be what you're looking for, though they are pricey. Caron Pour Homme is a powdery lavender vanilla and is cheap/easily available (~$30 from Amazon...
  14. Aerodyne

    Suggest me a first cologne

    I find that most of Lacoste's scents are pretty nice; light and fresh, without being an AdG clone. They can be found quite easily at most dept. stores, I do believe.
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