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Recent content by Adis653

  1. Adis653

    The WORST Cologne You've Owned / Smelled?

    I said this was mine too. I think it was Gucci guilty absolute. I have a sample of it. It’s an interesting scent
  2. Adis653

    The WORST Cologne You've Owned / Smelled?

    WHAT!?!?! Hahaha jk. I love spice bomb. Shocked to see it come up on this list!!
  3. Adis653

    In Praise of "Beach" Scents

    Barrister and mann oceana. I can finally kill the tiny little spec of latha oceana I’ve saved for years as I have the rerelease en rout. Pumped.
  4. Adis653

    FS Karve CB, RR Lupo, Feather AC and more!!!

    Feather ac sold
  5. Adis653

    FS Karve CB, RR Lupo, Feather AC and more!!!

    Spring cleaning guys. Looking to make some room. CONUS only. Prices include shipping and friends and family. If g&s please add 3% to prices. Can do a bit better on price with multiple items. Thanks you!! Seaforth! Spiced soap used 3-4x: $20 PAA CaD CK-6 Soap used 5-6x: $20 HSSC Eclipse soap...
  6. Adis653

    WTB Or trade for Karve SB E plate

    Looking to buy Karve SB E plate. Willing to also trade SB B plate in brass. Thank you!
  7. Adis653

    Myrsol Plastic - any users?

    Plastic smells like hair spray to me. Aqua net? I can’t put my finger on the brand.
  8. Adis653

    Poll - FOCS vs GC .68SB vs GC .84SB

    I have a ton of razors and razorock gc .84 is my GOAT
  9. Adis653

    Razorock Game Changer 0.84 your preferred handle

    Radioknob. I purchased radioknob and feel the balance is awesome, but it’s so uniquely a rr game changer. It’s such a different design.
  10. Adis653

    Anyone NOT like Sandalwood?

    I don’t like it.
  11. Adis653

    Is rotation counterproductive?

    Rotating anything is going to lessen the quality of the shave. If you have things that work best for you, know them and understanding them and keeping things consistent is going to lead to better results. It’s just not as much fun.
  12. Adis653

    Do you apply a Fragrance in addition to your Aftershave? If so, when?

    It depends. You should add a sometimes category.
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