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    SOTD Free Week: May 16 - 22, 2016

    I haven't been around the club for a long while. This is my usual set up, though I have a lot of other soaps, creams, after shaves, razors etc. Aftershaves- Musgo Real from Portugal, Old Spice (ceramic container Shulton, Inc. I stole from my dad a long while ago haha) shave soaps- Nomad from...
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    Amouage Jubilation XXV

    sounds good. True, doesn't seem like a summer cologne. I think a more refined night out or the fall/winter. I just need to have it haha!
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    Amouage Jubilation XXV

    Just bought this online. I haven't been here in like 5 years but thought I'd chat. I remember trying this cologne once and it was one of the most interesting, animalistic, balsamic style colognes out there. Anyways, not cheap, so I hope I picked a good one. I'm sure I'll be happy with my...
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    MWF or Tabac

    dangit! I can't come out and play, I don't have MWF yet since the price point. Will have to get it soon!
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    Source for Knize10?

    get a decant at the perfumed court
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    How Many Shaves From a DE Blade?

    I get 3 shaves with most blades, but with Red IP's for some reason I can go around 8-10, 2 pass shaves without feeling I'm pushing it. It's my fav
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    Best Low Cost Shave Cream

    I'd have to say kiss my face patchouli. The foam blows up, and it is $2.99 for a tube. Also goes great to make a super lather with sandlewood, D.R.H. Marlborough, cade, OS, bergamot...just about anything!! I will always keep it around
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    SOTD March 21st, 2011 through March 27th, 2011

    simpson commodore X2 red personna israeli (Shave #11) mekur 34C HD tabac SS english leather/mama bear's sandalwood winter AS mix Knize ten edt =BBS!!!
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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Can't stop using red personna israeli blades. I've gotten over 10 shaves with my latest BBS!!
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    What is your Tuxedo cologne

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    what's your comfort scent?

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    The worst cologne you ever tried:

    Sorry but I can't stand the "aqua" based colognes like Aqua Di'gio, or cool water
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    The worst cologne you ever tried:

    I got a xmas pack of CK for xmas. I threw the whole thing away, I didn't even want it to exist or know someone was wearing it out there!!:lol::lol:
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    Kiss My Face

    I buy it all the time at whole foods for cheap. See if you have a local gourmet or organic style grocer. I always try to not do the super lather but I catch myself reaching for kiss my face SC every time!! adam
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day - 2011

    Knize Ten