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  1. Aaron Hall

    WTB Custom Straight razor

    I just messaged the artisan. He’s out east https://shave-ready.wixsite.com/razoirs-anciens/shop You can also see his work at Instagram; search “ALE RAZORS” (Login • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ale razors/ale) Enjoy!
  2. Aaron Hall

    WTB Custom Straight razor

    Check out the ALE razors at razoirsancienne. Outrageous.
  3. Aaron Hall

    Shark Super Stainless

    Sharks Super work great for me, too!
  4. Aaron Hall

    Your favourite shaving youtube channel

    I really enjoy IAMCDB.
  5. Aaron Hall

    ASD2 - what am I doing wrong?

    This is the only razor I can use daily. It took a while to get the angle right; after that just great shaves. My wife uses it, too, and loves it.
  6. Aaron Hall

    What's your soap for today?

    Today was Extro Arancia, a sample PIF’ed by a local. Unidimensional scent (not surprising, soap is called Orange). Good performance (slickness & cushion) but not on par with latest & greatest bases. A little dry on the post, but can add balm if I get annoyed. Decent soap, but wouldn’t buy in...
  7. Aaron Hall

    Those with naturally oily skin, what is your take on the superfat soap craze?

    I love them! That said, I avoid pre-shaves, witch hazel, AS, and balms. The super fats allow me to use only the soap, simplifying things. Haven’t noticed a difference in the amount of acne yet; this approach will change if I do.
  8. Aaron Hall

    PIF Fatip Classic Grande Open Comb

    I’m in! This is very generous of you to offer. I have been pretty blessed in my life. About the only time“...but it’s home...” applies to me is when my wife and I were separated for a period of time. My mental illness was raging and I was unable to maintain our relationship. I moved into a...
  9. Aaron Hall

    And now for something completely different....contest/PIF

    I would not call The Covenant a light read. Relatively light in comparison, but not light. My favourite Michener was Mexico. Enjoy!
  10. Aaron Hall

    And now for something completely different....contest/PIF

    I would love to be in on this, if I am not too late. Feel strongly that you’ll finish the book first. That scent sounds intriguing; seems like it might be polarizing, as unique things tend to be. Suspect I would be in the like camp on that.
  11. Aaron Hall

    Is vegan/vegetable soap actually soap?

    Saponification is a chemical reaction between fats (saturated [i.e. solid] or unsaturated [i.e. liquid]) and a strong base (i.e. lye). It is a fairly simple reaction, and my Dad (who is 75) can remember making soap on the farm from the fats (tallow) of whatever animal they had slaughtered/hunted...
  12. Aaron Hall

    Soap Commander Sample PIF

    Not in as I am Canadian. Great PIF, and might need to get that Blue soap; sounds like it’s in my wheelhouse.
  13. Aaron Hall

    Best soft cream you’ve tried?

    I find the Maca Root & Aloe from The Body Shop a great performer at a budget price. If you like the smell it could be a winner.
  14. Aaron Hall

    Hello :), hey there

    Welcome! Happy shaves!
  15. Aaron Hall

    I had my first DE safety razor shave today

    I am with @Gryffindor I also use Proraso cream. I rinse with hot water after use. Gently shake out loose water (do not bang as you could damage something). Each blade change I wipe it with a microfibre cloth to remove build up. If needed, I would use a toothbrush, but haven’t had to yet. Welcome!
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