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Recent content by 73mountaineer

  1. 73mountaineer

    Who’s tried Aldi’s whiskey?

    I’m guessing you would agree that Costco is an American retailer, and their house-branded spirits are pretty good (their bourbon, for example, was sourced from Beam last I checked). Aside from Aldi, have Trader Joe and Lidl won awards also? That’s an honest question, I don’t actually know...
  2. 73mountaineer

    Cell phone shots

    A lot of times I will “back up” a shot with my film camera with one from my phone taken at the same spot, just to get a preview of how the film shot may look. This is one such shot.
  3. 73mountaineer

    Photo of the Day

    Not particularly recent, just a shot of my daughter at the Grand Canyon. Canon AE-1 on trusty ol’ Kodak Tri-X 400.
  4. 73mountaineer

    What camera and photo gear do you use?

    Amazon can have film, as well as the needed chemicals to develop it, to my house in relative moments and I develop it in my kitchen. The results are sometimes spectacular and sometimes ordinary, but always special. I shoot B&W almost exclusively, but I can still send color film out to be...
  5. 73mountaineer

    What camera and photo gear do you use?

    Primarily a Canon AE-1, shooting Kodak Tri-X, but I am thinking of switching over to Ilford HP5.
  6. 73mountaineer

    Introducing the Brown Leaf 2016 LE Pipe

    This will be a great LE, Jason, something truly unique. I don't know what I will smoke in it yet, but I'd like it to be whatever you smoke in yours, old friend.
  7. 73mountaineer

    Mixing Cigars / Storage

    Cello isn't even close to being air tight so it won't cause you any issues. As for mixing and matching lighter vs darker cigars, I have never even heard of such a thing being an issue. Likewise, unless we are talking about infused/flavored cigars, cigar flavors aren't going to mysteriously...
  8. 73mountaineer

    IWB holster

    Another vote for AlienGear, I have one for my Sig 938 and my 1911. Good holsters.
  9. 73mountaineer

    Xikar V-cut cutter, disappointed with it.

    60RG cigars can be a challenge for many cutters, but if you are getting good results some times and poor results in others, it may just be a small adjustment on your part to get a good cut. I haven't smoked a ton of Nubs, but I have seen some that seem to maybe be a bit more squared off on the...
  10. 73mountaineer

    Introducing the Brown Leaf 2016 LE Pipe

    Ok, fellas, I got #16 w/the matching tamper...maybe the last of the run? I held out as long as I could. Sounds like maybe, just maybe, there may be one or two pre-turned bowls left if anyone is on the fence. Would love to see someone displace me as the owner of the final 2016 pipe...any...
  11. 73mountaineer

    Cigar cutter

    My every day patio setup...
  12. 73mountaineer

    Cigar cutter

    Yup, Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter, the very definition of foolproof. Mine is several years old, 5 or 6, I believe, and is my go-to cutter to this day. $20-30 and mine has never let me down. Xikars are also excellent, but the perfect cutter from CC gives even a novice cigar smoker the right...
  13. 73mountaineer

    Introducing the Brown Leaf 2016 LE Pipe

    Buy up, ya' grimy bunch, I want number 24!!!
  14. 73mountaineer

    Introducing the Brown Leaf 2016 LE Pipe

    Selling like hotcakes, it seems! :w00t: It really is a beauty, Jason, great job! :thumbup1:
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