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  1. 147_Grain

    Rough grit stone to beat a GD into shape?

    The focus so far has mostly been on honing, from what I can tell. What's the best tool for thinning spines & shanks? Will an Atoma 140 get you there at a reasonable speed, or are you better off hitting the thing with a belt sander and watching the temperature?
  2. 147_Grain

    Dovo 6/8 Bergischer Löwe ebony scales (model 36830)

    Could you elaborate on this? I assume it's the new Trafalgar he was referring to. I had assumed the same thing myself about it - every other Simpson I have or have seen has the country of origin marked on the handle. The Trafalgar in all varieties doesn't - it says "hand made" so they had the...
  3. 147_Grain

    Small Victory

    No lie, D8F -> fast jnat is my most reliable progression. I'd imagine D8E -> coti would work very similarly. It's been years since I've bothered with an intermediate grit synth, I just don't feel any benefits on my face. When I was looking, I didn't see any on the scope either tbh.
  4. 147_Grain

    are barrister mann shave soaps worth it?

    All of the B&M bases are or have been thirsty afaik. My experience with Clusterfig in the Excelsior base is that it takes seemingly forever to hydrate fully but has outstanding slickness once you get it there. I didn't have to make a big mess to do it, either. In any case, I got 76 shaves out...
  5. 147_Grain

    2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

    Is there any chance @Pepin could edit the OP to include the final list of cars, directly or through a link? I'm having no luck finding which page it was on ._. e: found it! Anyways, car #65 checking in. Still in the race so far!
  6. 147_Grain

    I Think I've Lost It

    What's the mechanism here, excessive residual stress in the lattice from quench that would have been alleviated by tempering?
  7. 147_Grain

    Sir Irish Moos

    I've also tried the splash but not the soap. I imagine many have, as it's still in production whereas the soap isn't. I find the A/S scent OK but not great. It's a scent I'd rather smell than smell like, if that makes any sense. The notes listed on Basenotes for it do not match what I get...
  8. 147_Grain

    I Think I've Lost It

    I'd offer to do a materials inspection via XRF and a hardness test on the busted blade for you, but I imagine shipping even a small parcel from the Philippines to the US is prohibitively expensive. In any case, good luck with the replacement they sent!
  9. 147_Grain

    Lavender Aftershave/Soap Combos.......what do you use and what do you like?

    Speick Men AS is probably my all-time favorite, both in terms of performance and the scent. A strong lavender note along with the eponymous alpine spikenard/valerian and a little bit of something 'spicy'. Incidentally, the scent actually bears a strong resemblance to that of the new/tallow...
  10. 147_Grain

    Is anyone stockpiling shaving supplies on account of the Corolla?

    The last puck I used lasted about 125 shaves, if memory serves. I was using it daily and loading pretty heavy. I would guesstimate that with more average use it would last between 150 and 200 shaves.
  11. 147_Grain

    2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

    Keep on going! My biggest challenge will come when I run out of Speick splash. Most of the last month I've been using the Sir Irisch Moos splash and Speick balm, but there's no substitute for the pure unadulterated Speick scent as found in the alcohol splash.
  12. 147_Grain

    So yesterday I tried an AC clone

    I like the Pro Supers. More blade exposure = shallower achievable angle.
  13. 147_Grain

    Anyone ever do a comparison Jnat to Arkansas?

    I find it easier to get a hyper keen edge from some Jnats than from either of my translucent arks, but part of that is definitely that my arks are slow (the convex one less so) and there are no real 'tells' that I've found with them that indicates an edge is done. Also, I've found that an ark...
  14. 147_Grain

    My Guess... 3017

    I made up a tentative schedule of when I'd be burning through each of the soaps in my 3017 run, and with quickie estimates of grams/shave based on firmness and an assumed 285 shaves/year it looks like I'm finishing in 2026.
  15. 147_Grain

    The case of the disappearing lather

    Boar brushes have a break-in period, during which time the characteristics of the bristles change, including many/most of the tips of the bristles splitting. Before the break-in is complete, many boar brushes are said to "hog" lather - what's going on is that the bristles aren't saturated and...