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    Unscented alcohol based splashes

    Straight ethanol with no bitterant will have an odor to it, thought it's not the same as isopropyl. It'll also make your nostrils feel terrible if you take a deep whiff with your nose in the glass.
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    My Guess... 3017

    Killed my jar of Clusterfig. Got 76 shaves from it.
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    Which blade for Feather Artist Club / Kai clone

    I started out with Pro Supers in my AC SS and have stuck with them. That razor & blade combo actually convinced me that I could enjoy shaving with a straight when I was waffling - my first straight razor, purchased from a guy who was and still is highly recommended on another forum, was...
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    One sided Jnats?

    The kawa feel good in my hand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Not impressed with my new arks yet....

    Not too many years ago, I saw a guy post on another shaving forum that he was getting excellent edges from his arks, which he had been using for many years. An internet personality who is both a vendor and a "senior moderator" (simultaneously!) over there, and who has a bunch of honing videos...
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    P&G closing most Art of Shaving stores

    I got a three pack of the old Valobra-made triple-milled tallow formula AoS sandalwood soap a while back on Ebay after it was discontinued. I think I paid $35 for the three pucks replete with little brown drawstring gift bags with a faux-velvet finish. The level of performance and the quality...
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    Honing service pricing??

    Start with lapping film and price won't be an obstacle. There's a big ol' thread about it in this very subforum.
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    Do you throw out your soap when the center is void?

    When I wear through the middle, I smush the ring with my fingers until it's in a normal shape again and then let the container air out for a day or two to dry out and firm up before using it again.
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    Tabac is insanely long lasting!

    I don't recall a drop-off in performance, but it was a few years ago. I'll have to take notes when my 3017 gets around to the puck that replaced the first one.
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    Canvas vs Nylon

    I find a cotton web component cleans/dries the edge better than a poly web component, and my edge longevity went up when I started doing ~20 laps on the cotton post-shave. I suspect that this is partly or entirely because my edges are almost all jnat edges. I don't think edges from a synth...
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    Speick stick hack

    Nb. it is now available with or without a container
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    The state of the industry in 2020

    The relatively low barriers to entry for hobbyists to start making some of these products (soaps and aftershaves especially) led to market saturation, which reduced revenues for some of these new firms. As folks who started wetshaving as part of the couple of waves associated with the Bond...
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    Low structure?

    I mostly concur. My experience is that, once you add enough water, everything that is basically well formulated performs about the same. For most soaps this is a hydration level between the point where the lather takes on a sheen and the point where the lather starts dripping off the blade on...
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    Tabac is insanely long lasting!

    I used a puck of Tabac daily until it ran out a few years ago. Got about 120 shaves from it. What happened is that I closed the tub immediately after shaving, and within a month the top eight-inch or so got saturated with water and thus became much softer. Once that happened, I was...
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    Is it advisable to bowl-lather cream with a boar?

    On the subject of the OP's question though, the boar will lather creams fine but the Shave Police will come and arrest you for doing so. The same detachment that will come after you if you (also successfully) lather a triple-milled soap with a sloppy silvertip badger, or face-lather a stick...