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New Showcase Reviews

  1. Deltaboy
    "This stuff was around before Jackson was President"
    This is a historical scent that been wore by men for over 150 years. If you want a LONG lasting scent this is the one to buy. So get up go to the store and grab a Legend Clubman and you can also get a body powder , shampoo and other products.... View Full Review
  2. Deltaboy
    "Cremo is a DREAM Slicker than Ice."
    Got some the past week and it great and also works as under coat with other soap. Super Slick and my old mug feels great. I love the faint lemon scent and it does not mess with your after shave. My wife loves how soft my face feels after using... View Full Review
  3. pal
    "Higher Quality Blade"
    I bought some of these in a variety pack sale. I really like them. They are better than most but still they are not as sharp as Feather blades and they don't last quite as long. However, these blades would be in my top five blades. If you like... View Full Review
  4. emwolf
    "Took some learning"
    Overall this is a very good razor. As I mentioned, there are no exposed blade tabs, which I like and the design is strikingly beautiful. The smooth black finish is surprisingly grippy when wet. I had a difficult time adjusting to how light weight... View Full Review
  5. CMTS-Arkansas
    "Very Disappointing"
    All the safety razors I own and use are open comb/open tooth. They are Gillette 1930's 3 piece, Gillette 1930's TTO, Fatip Grande, and a Stirling with fat,wide SS handle. I get excellent shaves from all these safety razors. My favorite blades... View Full Review
  6. bearded1
    "Good not great"
    Another one of those "worth a try" blades. I think some razor/blade combos are just better for individual shavers and their techniques, and I still get a little "tug" on my beard with the Kai that I don't get with my old reliable Astra blades.... View Full Review
  7. Nick P.
    "My favorite"
    I bought a Feather AS-D2 around a year ago and it worked fine. When I got around to trying the Kai blades, it changed everything. I gave away my other blades and only use the Kai blades now. Get super close shave and no irritation or cuts like... View Full Review