New Showcase Reviews

  1. Umma2gumma
    "An UPDATE"
    Having used this razor for a few weeks now, I am amazed at just how great of a shave it provides. I've been on a fast paced project with a tight schedule for the past two weeks, and very little time in the morning, so I am shaving as fast as... View Full Review
  2. ralph029
    "Ikon B1 Open Comb"
    My first impression (unboxing) was, meh! The handle was longer and larger (in diameter) than I prefer. The knurling is fantastic but the grooves are too deep. They just don't feel right. The weight of the razor felt quite unbalanced. The head is... View Full Review
  3. ralph029
    "Not for me."
    I don't want to get all flowery with my words here so I'm going to keep this as concise as possible. First off the smell... This smells more like Capt. Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch than coffee. I got zero smell of coffee. The lather... Good... View Full Review
  4. Hak.1963
    "Parker 29L"
    Bought one for my daughter and one for my wife. They love it! They think it has great balance and weight, making it efficient enough for them. Perfect for their legs, armpits and bikini line. Very easy to change the blade, butterfly opening... View Full Review
  5. ravkesef
    "First Rate Pen"
    This will be brief, because I don’t wish to reiterate Shave_Rat’s outstanding and thorough review. I opted for the Sunstone model, and it’s truly great eye candy. It’s a beauty, and I love looking at it, either on my desk or in my hand. I also... View Full Review