New Showcase Reviews

  1. PERatio
    "Great brush; I don't need a collection!"
    I also really enjoy this brush and don't own any other. I treat very well, wash it after every use, squeeze in a towel, make a few passes with my hair dryer on low, have it sitting on top of my counter, and it's perfect. And I bought it from WCS... View Full Review
  2. NJshaves86
    "The best budget blade"
    I find these to probably be the best budget blade out there, and I've tried everything. Is there better blades put there? Sure, I think so. Most of them however are almost or are twice the price. Polsilver, GSB, Nacet, Feather, etc are all more... View Full Review
  3. fblais
    "Not to be recommended"
    Last comments by OP, with his permission: Update on the blade alignment. As said, you can't wiggle it, but funny enough, when i press the head on the sides, where the tabs usually protrude, it sometimes pops the blade a little, and then it's... View Full Review
  4. Franz_Biberkopf
    "Versatility, and old school aesthetics"
    Merkur Progress is a superior razor made by DOVO / Merkur in Solingen, Germany. Made in 1955, it's pretty much unchanged until today, as the mechanism is the same and the looks of it also. I simply love how the razor looks, it screams modernism,... View Full Review