New Showcase Reviews

  1. drawonme
    "Pinaud Clubman"
    I've been using Pinaud Clubman for decades. I also enjoy the Vanilla, Bay Rum and Lime Sec. Periodically, I try others such as Captains Choice, Lucky Tiger, Proraso and others but I always come back to one of the Pinauds, at least 1/2 of the... View Full Review
  2. Dryphter
    "EJ 89 Kelvin - love it"
    EJDE89 Kelvin was my first DE razor and still one of my favorites. In fact, I use it as a baseline for how a razor should work for me. Same mild, efficiency as a post-war tech. Short(er) knurled handle make it easy to use and maneuver. If my... View Full Review
  3. Habemeajaja
    "PolSilver lasts forever?"
    I can get 10-12 comfortable or BBS shaves (2 passes) from 1 blade. So far the best blade I have ever used, works well on every different DE shaving tool. The good as Feather, but PS is much more forgiving. Got the package from G&C as a gift.... View Full Review
  4. adrian jordan
    "Best, by a lot."
    I tried these after using a bunch of others. Feathers, KAI, Derby, Astra, Personna, Gillette 7 o Clock Yellows, Merkur, Dorko, Wilkinson Sword, Shark, Sharp, more that I cannot recall. After I got my Gillette Slim, I decided to use Polsilver to... View Full Review
  5. A Cut Above
    I've used Gilbert Henry products for years. The best smell of any Bay Rum aftershaves. Very soothing and top quality. Nice people to deal with. The price is very competitive. Good availability. Try the lavender, it is fantastic for... View Full Review