New Showcase Reviews

  1. Dyphter
    "So far - my go to blade"
    I started working through a sample pack and got to Astra SS and SP blades. The SP are a perfect match in my EJ89. I easily get 7 or more shaves per blade with very little to no irritation. I haven't used them in all my razors, but they are very... View Full Review
  2. Bhugo
    There is no more perfect aftershave made. If you are able to wear this then you really understand the meaning of perfection in a splash. Great feel but better yet is the scent of lilacs and green vegetation. It never gets old. You can't use too... View Full Review
  3. Bhugo
    "Great splash"
    what a great feeling splash. Not too much scent. Perfect before a cologne. Great menthol feel and eucalyptus scent. Maybe a little woody scent too. Good bottle and restrictor. Easy to meter and use in the morning even when you are groggy from a... View Full Review
  4. Misunderstood
    "Not for Me"
    Was surprised to see all the good reviews on these. I did buy mine some years ago and it may have been a bad batch of 100 but get nicked every time I use. Went back after years went by just in case it was a new guys technique but they bite me... View Full Review
  5. Nicholas
    "My go-to blade"
    I really like this blade. I use it with all my razors, vintage and modern ones. It was one of the first blades I tried 4 years ago and the first one I had a smooth and close shave. Since then, I use it almost exclusively with all my razors. I get... View Full Review
  6. vespergo
    "My Daily Blade"
    I've definitely found the blade that I like above all others(Nacet being it's equal). It lasts a whole week and I get great shaves starting right from the beginning. Alot of blades require a rough shave at the beginning before they start to... View Full Review
  7. Jwman
    "My go to blade"
    Treet Platinum has been my favorite blade for quite some time. My first meeting with this blade was via a sampler-pack and I didnĀ“t have high thoughts about it when I saw the pakage, but was I wrong? Yes Sir! It is extremely smooth and at the... View Full Review
  8. Bhugo
    "My Favorite out of many dozen blades."
    This is my gold standard. Thi is my favorite and my daily driver. Super sharp and comfortable every time. Feathers are sharp, but not anywhere near as comfortable to me. The Astras stay sharp and get smoother as you use them. They start out... View Full Review
  9. Bhugo
    "Great blades"
    Loved these out of the gate. On of the smoother blades I have tried. Nice sharpness and was not harsh at all even in the beginning. I loved it in my more aggressive razor which is unusual for me. The sharper blades I usually like in my least... View Full Review
  10. Bhugo
    "Ok blades. Very average."
    These blades will do a nice job for 4-5 shaves for me. I think hat I like them alright, but would not go out of my way to buy them. Not as smooth as an Astra Sp or as sharp. If it were a lot cheaper then maybe. More comfortable in an... View Full Review
  11. Bhugo
    "Worst blade I have tried."
    I have very little to say about this blade. It is very cool looking packaging. The blade is wrapped nicely. I tried 2 blades because I thought the first one was not sharpened completely at the factory. I am not sure who could possibly like... View Full Review
  12. Bhugo
    "Great blade but not for the price"
    I liked the feel immediately. I would say it is on par with an Astra sp but much more expensive. It is probably a little sharper than an Astra, but not as smooth. At least as long lasting but not 2 times as long. If I could find a great... View Full Review
  13. GlazedBoker
    "Excellent Blade"
    One of the best blades I have ever used. The Kai's are consistently sharper and smoother than any other de blade. I can use it in a number of razors from open comb to closed comb, adjustables whether vintage or modern and I get the same results... View Full Review