New Showcase Reviews

  1. Franz_Biberkopf
    "Mild, but efficient!"
    The razor is fantastic, a great upgrade to R89 type of shaving. Because of the full stainless steel handle it's on the heavier side. It delivers a more efficient but milder shave than R89/EJ89. The head covers the edges of the blade entirely, so... View Full Review
  2. imfallen_angel
    "It's the go-to for many, including myself"
    I don't believe that I need to write a long winded review for these, as many that uses these, already know how good these blades are. After so many years of DE shaving, I've tried many blades, and I've ended up going back to these over and... View Full Review
  3. dreadpirate
    "This Has been My Go To Brush For Years"
    Just read what I said in the Pros. This is not like the avereage Boar bristle. The other Bore bristle brushes I have tried are very stiff like a whisk broom (Omega for example). Not the Semogue. The bristles are just firm enough but soft... View Full Review
  4. sig303
    "A Solid Blade"
    These Astra SPs are sharp, but IMHO not as sharp as many reviews might lead one to believe. They're also smoother than many blades, but not as smooth as some. I've been using them, quite happily for many years and really have no complaints. Many... View Full Review
  5. Binx_Bolling
    "The quality control with this company is terrible!"
    I was eagerly awaiting this exotic piece, or it's totally chrome 24c brother. When I got it, I was impressed. However, when I unscrewed it, it immediately felt wrong. And it was - threadpost was not totally covered with chrome, and it also... View Full Review
  6. Binx_Bolling
    "Classy looks, reliable shave."
    It's as reliable as it gets. To me, the two major German razor manufacturers represent two different philosophies. Merkur Solingen represents the 'workhorse', reliability and sheer power, while Mühle is kind of design friendly, offering more of... View Full Review