New Showcase Reviews

  1. Whistle Pig
    "So-So ..."
    It's a decent brush, provides a fair priced alternative in horse-hair. The handle seems small and short. Makes it a bit awkward for hanging on my rack, and lathering using a scuttle or bowl. And consequently, I'd probably not purchase again,... View Full Review
  2. Icedorrk
    "9 month update"
    After about 9 months of almost exclusively using the Razorock Hawk V2 for my head shaves, I can still say that this is an exceptional Razor and my preferred razor for shaving my head. I prefer lightweight razors for shaving my head and using the... View Full Review
  3. Deltaboy
    "Smells great"
    Got it today and I am pleased with the smell ,lather and the shave . I have been looking at it for several years and I added it to a Amazon order to get free shipping!. So get it and try it but remember YMMV. Love it!... View Full Review
  4. Chief462
    "Smells like old tires or burnt plastic"
    When they say this is not for everyone take heed. It smelled like burning plastic army men when I was little. If you want the same quality but better smell try Santa Clara, Cedar and Spice, Or Ghost town barber. If you want off beat try their... View Full Review